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4 Easy Storage Ideas To Keep Your Toddlers Room Tidy #moKeereview

by Author: Jade Lloyd

#AD We were kindly gifted the moKee storage basket. TPJ product reviews are unbiased, independent advice from real-world mum testing.

Looking for easy storage ideas and ways to organise your toddler’s room?

Norah has just turned two and we have transformed her nursery into a toddler bedroom to meet her changing needs.

Avoid ‘theming’ a room too much, instead opt to bring character and colour through bedlinen and soft accessories. Think imaginative décor!

The nappy station has gone, soon the cot will be replaced with a bed and the number of toys she has suddenly quadrupled!

Can you remember the last time you saw your child’s bedroom floor?

We do not have a separate playroom and I don’t want the lounge swamped by Peppa Pig paraphernalia!

Let’s be realistic – whilst Norah’s room will not always be a neat, organised space a good design and investing in practical storage solutions will make tidying up much easier. Make it as simple as possible for your child to play with and pack away their toys.

Children’s rooms are not usually very large. Remember that simple items and multifunctional furniture that serves a child’s changing needs such as boxes, baskets, door hanger etc will all help to create an efficient space that still has plenty of personality.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring and bland, check out these brilliant buys for some design inspiration.

#The classic toybox.

A stylish addition to any room, traditional wooden toy boxes come in a range of sizes, finishes and shapes! Look for one that fits your room’s decor and meets your needs. The three most important safety features to keep in mind when buying a toy box are lid supports, air holes and finger cut-outs. Once it’s no longer used for playtime a box will work equally well in the hallway to double-up as a bench and place to stash shoes.

Toddler monochrome bedroom

We have a metal Habitat truck (£55) as an alternative to a toybox that lives on the wardrobe. They are lightweight and look great. If you have a smaller budget, bright and durable plastic boxes are also popular choices for storage. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

#Consider space saving options.

Use portable baskets for storing toys. They can sit in gaps and on top of cupboards. Fabric baskets are reasonably priced and great for storing soft or awkward shaped toys. They can also be made of robe or cardboard to fit in versatile storage cubes. The open design allows little ones to easily find what they are looking for (and later, put it away). Discreet and so cute, our little padded storage baskets are both from Vertbaudet for under £20.

Verbudet fabric toy basket with teddy sitting on

Lidded wicker and beautiful soft seagrass baskets are my favourite option as they don’t lose their shape and keep clothes and toys hidden away. The gorgeous large (H55 cm x W35 cm) moKee laundry basket is firm, strong and well made, with a solid lid. Norah uses it like a table to play on. A natural linen bag is included so you can easily take it out and wash to keep your basket fresh & clean. The handles and lightweight design mean you can move it room from room. Not only practical but attractive, the blue and white colours give a Scandi feel. One thing I noticed is that because it is manually woven there are no bits sticking out, selling for £75 it is such a high-quality item. Use it for clothes, toys, nappies or playing hide and seek in!

mokee blue and white seagrass basket with childrens clothes inside.

#A good all rounder bookshelf.

Toddlers love board books and taking them on and off shelves. Aesthetically I love the look of Ikea spice racks used as reachable wall mounted shelves, but Norah is a climber so that was not a practical idea! You should always look for sturdy furniture that is made well.

We chose a clean and contemporary design from JoJo Maman Bebe (£75) that has no sharp edges and a lot of space for display. Size wise the bookshelf is not small, but it has room for books of all sizes and the bottom space can fit toys. The solid base means there is no worry of it tipping.

white toddler bookshelf filled with books on a black and white rug with a mokee basket next to it.

#Get creative with shelves.

In a compact space, make the most of walls for storage. Don’t be shy – they can go all the way up to the ceiling to maximise space. Open shelves will not hold masses, but colourful wooden toys can be used to accessorise a room too. Combine storage with display by using crates as box-style shelves. You can turn floating shelves into a border feature or why not invest in some themed shelves? Wayfair sell gorgeous cloud shelves for £48.99.

If you prefer a more streamlined look, incorporate wall cabinets so you can store toys and other bedroom paraphernalia behind closed doors. Look for shelves that feature hooks or peg rails for a little additional hanging space. We have a picture wall feature so shelves would, I feel overwhelm the walls!

Posterlounge long haired blonde woman hanging wall art on a grey wall.

The storage you go for will depend on a number of factors – not least, your budget. There are so many ideas, you could hang canvas bags from a windowsill, or don’t forget under the bed where you can buy drawers or use your favourite fabric to create a cot skirt!

Check out moKee’s other beautiful, affordable, environmentally friendly baby products that are handcrafted with love like their popular WoolNest moses baskets and Mini cots!

Grow your toy storage as your child grows.


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