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Our 4 Top Tips To Overhaul Your Wardrobe With @JDWFashion

by Author: Jade Lloyd

(AD) We have been kindly gifted the products, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Do you need to overhaul your wardrobe?

Is it full to overflowing with clothes, but you still having nothing to wear? What you want are shelves filled with classic quality pieces that endure seasons and trends. That fit you well and can be mixed and matched with anything and everything else in your wardrobe. Smart clothing. It’s a problem many busy mothers can agree on, that there’s not a lot of time for fashion when there are children wearing your knickers on their heads.

Follow our guidelines to refresh your wardrobe and invest in essentials you need to streamline your daily dressing requirements.

So, where do you start if you want to overhaul your wardrobe?

# First have a clear out.

Ask yourself what you’ve worn in the last six months. I live in the same three or four comfortable, dependable outfits. Also, there are items of clothes in my wardrobe that I have worn only once. Begin with a simple sort-out.

Separate through beautiful evening dresses, too small work clothes and clothing that is perfectly styled for a twenty-year-old but not so much a thirty-year-old mum with a different body shape.

Fantasy-life clothes instead of real-life clothes. We’ve all been guilty of holding onto a pair of jeans that didn’t quite fit. Was it a bargain? Be honest about your lifestyle and what you need from a wardrobe. Also get rid of anything which is difficult to wear, for example because it needs to be ironed every five minutes or requires underwear you don’t even own.

Create a charity bag. You may be surprised to find that you have very little left! That’s ok, it’s a great base to start with.

# Buy quality over quantity.

Do not overbuy. Or keep adding and adding too your wardrobe if you are unhappy with your clothes. Look at what you have multiples of and narrow them down for example, if you have five white T-shirts, get rid of any that are greying. Turn spare into rags. Buy the right size. Doesn’t it make sense to own one good quality jacket rather than 3 badly fitting ones? Try things on and if you buy online don’t get lazy and not return items that don’t suit you. With Hermes and Collect plus at even the smallest local shops you have no excuse.

# Make sure you have the essential clothes.

Invest in key, quality basics that will always be worn, such as figure-flattering leggings. They’re simple, go with everything and are the perfect partner to everyday outfits. Make sure you own the basics. Building a strong foundation of neutrals will help tremendously and negate your morning ‘what will I wear?’ thoughts.

Overhaul Your Wardrobe ? Flatlay black boots, jumper and jeans.

JD Williams have helped us to update our wardrobe staples. They offer an excellent shopping experience with a huge variety of clothes and brands. The items bought were as described, a good fit and delivery quick. Not a lot of companies have an extra wide fit shoe which is a bonus.

Quality pieces every woman should have in her closet.

Jeans – blue and black.

Since becoming a mum, I am a fan of the elasticated and high waist to cover my ‘problem areas’. Offering a casual but chic fit, skinny leg jeans can be worn with boots for both day and night looks. Super-comfortable and so easy to wear these bargain £20 Amber jeans are a fab all-rounder. They do not attract white bits and fluff like some brands. The regular leg fit I perfect for me at 5’5.

Do you want to Overhaul Your Wardrobe? White mirror with lady in black jeans sitting in the reflection

A smart jacket or blazer.

Black is a tried and tested choice. But I wanted to add a flash of colour in my clothing so opted for a soft deep red. This tone suits my dark blond hair and paired with matching lipstick can be easily dressed up. Why not choose an open fronted jacket instead of a button up for versatility. A leather jacket will also last through seasons and years. I always allow myself one quirky piece and as my vintage sheepskin coat is way to warm for May this check print duster for £40 is a statement print piece!

Overhaul Your Wardrobe? Yellow background with yellow and grey duster coat.

A classic button up shirt.

You can choose white, but I prefer the nautical style blue and white striped option. Tie in shirt colours with cardigans and jumpers. Or contrast them for impact. Go with oversized or fitted but dress them accordingly to avoid looking frumpy. Remember, they will need ironing.

A pleated skirt.

Since overhaling my wardrobe skirts have become my new favourite clothing piece. Paired with a simple jumper an elasticated midi pleated skirt can offer casual style worn with some canvas espadrilles. You can choose a maxi and vest top for a summer boho feel and they wear well with all body shapes.

A jumper and cardigan.

Are you a fan of chunky knits? A cable jumper will suit winter or will fit over a floral dress for cool spring evenings. Part of transitioning into a new fashion season is adopting a trend colour or two. This keeps your foundation pieces looking fresh. For example, look for accent colours of, deep green, mustard or red in Autumnal months. Cardigans again can be paired up well with most items of clothing. Take care with washing instructions, cinch them in at the waist with a belt to create shape and check that the fabric is not scratchy and uncomfortable. You don’t always have to purchase thick jumpers as layering up is also a great way to add warmth. At only £14 I love the classic relaxed fit. Team with smart trousers or casual jeans for a great outfit.

Overhaul Your Wardrobe? Lady with blonde hair wearing a black jumper.

The classic tee.

Grey, white and black shades will not fail you. I favour v necks, but little hands do tend to tug them down. Long length hemlines are practical. If you want to feel a bit more sophisticated select a blouse. This £22 crinkle blouse easy-care fabric is perfect for summer. It requires no ironing and the lace insert back detail breaks up the block colour. I love white, it’s crisp, it’s beautiful for summer and looks good with so many colours. Pair it with turquoise accessories for that extra pop! Check out JD Williams range of gorgeous summer blouses.

JD Wiliams white summer blouse

If you are working invest in tailored trousers, a pencil skirt alongside black and nude heels. For evenings a little black dress or why not consider a jumpsuit? Be bold and invest in one maxi dress for summer, though remember halter necks and big busts are not always compatible. We love quality leather boots in brown and black.

# Mix, match and LAYER.

You’d be surprised what fun new looks you can get out of basic pieces when you just combine them in clever ways. Layering helps you to maximize what you already own throughout the year. Dresses over jeans with knee boots in Autumn, seek out inspiration on Pinterest! Try a plaid shirt over your pleated skirt for a cool summer evening look. Throw some tights on underneath for an extra layer of warmth for fall and winter!

Overhauling your clothes to create a classic wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of fashion trends.  Once you have your good quality basics sorted you can indulge in a few fast trends to keep your look current. The latest looks can also be achieved with accessories. Choose a durable every day handbag and a collection of good quality leather belts but don’t be afraid to be creative and colourful. Think gifts for Mother’s Day scarves, earrings, shoes etc!

Do you guys have tips on how to revamp your wardrobe? Let us know!

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