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‘Get The Look’ Modern & Monochrome Nursery Accessories & Furnishings #Babystyle

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Got grand designs?

From brightly coloured wallpaper to gender neutral colour palettes, there are plenty of nursery decorating tips for every budget. After transforming my daughter’s nursery with soft, calming grey tones it was time to pick those extra special nursery essentials and extras.

When it comes to decorating, bear in mind that your child will only be a baby for a very short time. Before you know it your little one will have his own tastes and opinions so it’s best to go for a room scheme that will be easy to change as they grow.

Plan a room that works for a one week old, a six-month-old, a one year old and maybe beyond that!


How do you create a beautiful interior in your babies’ room?

Textiles and decorations are the things that bring your nursery together and make a room feel homely. If chosen well, decor can tie all your other pieces together and complete your nursery. As I chose a neutral base, playfulness and vibrancy could be added with accessories and soft-furnishings, teamed with simple furniture to keep the look clutter free. Finishing touches, like cushions and blankets, can come last as they can be easily matched to everything else.

Don’t get carried away by aiming for a certain look or style and forget that this must be a practical, comfortable space for you and your newborn.


First things first…F…F…F…Furniture.

Keep it simple. Regarding what you need in a nursery go minimalist and think STORAGE. Think about all the toys, clothes, blankets and books you’ll have in your child’s nursery.

A wardrobe for clothes, bookshelf’s, perhaps a toy trunk, a space saving change table (you could easily just use a cot change topper). If you are buying lightweight shelving units like my white Ikea pieces use wall straps for safety for when babies turn into climbers!

This gorgeous grey chair was from Amazon for under £100, which is a great price for the size and quality. I wanted one that was comfortable with a high back and solid arms for those late-night feeds. Also consider the fabric, wipe clean is always a win in a nursery!

valspar nurseryA convertible cot is the best buy I have made. They last and last. This pale wood one looks expensive but was bought from Tesco 7 years ago for my son! The plastic teething rails were a godsend.


Let there be light.

Choosing the right lighting is key to having a welcoming nursery. You need a mix of lights that’ll bring a calming ambience, but also can be practically used when needed.

We are in love with the gorgeous lifestyle brand called A Little Lovely Company. The brand has some very sweet lights that are perfect for fending off monsters at night-time. This playful Brontosaurus light is a battery powered (included) LED lamp made from BPA free PVC. It may be cute, but it is also hardwearing. The gentle nightlight has a timer to helpfully turn off after 15minutes. If you are looking for a one of a kind, inexpensive gift for a new baby, these are top of our list.

Valspar Rabbits foot nurseryOur floor lamp has a custom shade picked from Wayfair to subtly tie in the with the black and white elements of the room.

For something that offers a bit more brightness meet the Lumie bedbug, a sleep optimized, fully adjustable cot side light to help prepare your child for bedtime. Not only does this little fellow have a reassuring smiling face he also emits calming white light instead of overly stimulating blue to promote sleep response. Perfect for story time it’s gentle glow sunset feature fades gradually over 15 minutes to dark or nightlight mode. This has two intensity options, perfect for when you need to feed or check on your baby. The buttons on the front are simple to operate and silent which means I can check in on Norah without making a noise. No wonder why the bug is so happy.

The soothing sound of music.

My daughter loves listening to the radio just before naptime and she does so in style with the beautiful VQ Mini Radio. The perfect size I fell in love with its Retro style and modern sounds. As much a decorative item as a practical one; the premium leatherette skin is available in a huge choice of colour and patterns to suit any style.

Not to gender stereotype we picked the Emma Bridgewater ‘Men at Work’ design. Lightweight, stylish and functional as well as 30 FM pre-sets it has bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, A headphone jack, dual alarms and sleep timer. It’s a product made to last! There’s currently a sale on EB patterns on their website.

Fabulous fabrics.

Use cellular blankets for a new born and then as they get older the best option in my opinion is to purchase a sleep bag (check that it conforms to BS safety standards). By eliminating loose blankets why not pick out one with a beautiful monochrome design like this one?

Aden and Anais is a well reputed, well-loved baby friendly brand who really do not disappoint with this gorgeously soft, breathable sleeping bag. Dress for the season, it is beautifully light for summer at just one Tog and is pre-washed for ease. The zip access adds to the convenience. I just wish they did them in adult size.

We stumbled upon Vertbaudet by accident and picked a few items from the same Mustard collection which complimented the monochrome and greys perfectly, adding a dash of vibrancy. There large decorative floor cushions are amazing for when you are spending most of your time on the floor playing with baby. Make sure you buy items with detachable covers as let’s face it they will need a wash!


Get personal.

A baby’s room will grow with them, toys, pictures on the walls etc, etc. Once your little one arrives, think about adding keepsakes to your nursery to start with something special.

NurseryWe were amazed by Find me a Gift’s unique range of personalized lightboxes. The ‘Born on this Day’ design had me in tears. The lit-up box will show the baby’s weight at birth, the time he or she was born and of course the beautiful name that the parents have chosen, but it will also show what time sunrise and sunset were on that day, the baby’s star sign and what season the baby was born into. We had to have one and could customise the colour so baby Norah has a thoughtful, decorative celebration of her birth for her very own that she can admire in the years to come.

This may be a modern room but there is still plenty of place for handmade, as the gorgeous cot letters show. They just add a little extra, chosen in monochrome fabrics they can hang as bunting from, cots, walls, cupboards. Just perfect.


Those little extras.

An unbeatable element of décor, nobody can ignore the dreamcatcher trend! The lovely tassels will add a poetic and ethnic touch to the children’s bedroom. Personalised posters and feel good prints just add a feel-good factor (we got ours from the Wish app). Succulents are inexpensive and calming and why not mix and match vintage and new when it comes to toys?

Dreamcatchers on wall

What did you furnish your new-borns nursery with, did you go minimal, colourful, did you have a plan for décor?




Note: We were kindly gifted items to be included within this feature. All opinions and thoughts are our own.


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