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How to Sell Your Home Using Tech Tools

by Author: Jade Lloyd

It is a lot quicker and often more accurate to sell your home using tech tools that are widely available. From AI for descriptions to using social media, here are some handy suggestions.

Online Services for Home Sales

The internet has many uses, but also many advantages for specific predicaments. For instance, the convenience of the web is a blessing for the disabled. You can order stuff through Amazon and even have your groceries and supplies brought straight to your door. Yet you can also use many tools for home sales, including booking a valuation of your house through reputable online services. Then there are also listing agents you can use completely over the internet for sale.

Get Help with Descriptions

Listing your home is typically done by a real estate agent. But if you plan on listing your home yourself, you will need to get around to certain things. These include images and descriptions for your property, either of which can help or hinder a sale. Taking photos of your home is relatively simple and can even be done using a phone camera. However, you can use generative AI tools like ChatGPT to help you come up with descriptions to use when you place a listing online.

Sell Your Home Using Tech for Communication

We all have different lives, and because we can be so hectic, it is often challenging to schedule plans with others. Yet you can use various tools for communication that can help you avoid common mistakes selling your home. Any local real estate agents will probably already use tools for doing this, and probably ones you use, too. Tools like WhatsApp are still popular and pretty secure when configured correctly. But even a good quality calendar app can make a difference.

Social Media Home Sales

It is highly recommended you use an estate agent as they can assist with the more legal and complex side of things. Yet you can also list your home for sale by owner, which means you can do all of the work yourself. There are over 4 billion social media users today, and this opens up a vast market of buyers. Facebook Groups and marketplaces can help you sell your home, and they work well. Social media is visual, allows you to provide information and has messaging.

VR Video Tours of Your Home

Perhaps one of the more complex ways to help sell your home using technology is with a VR or video tour. These can be accomplished with professional VR videographers, or you can learn to make VR videos yourself. If VR videos seem too hard, a drone tour through a property is a good compromise. This can help any buyer get a much better sense of what they are potentially buying and is far superior to anything that simple photographs could ever possibly offer.


Online property services are among some of the best ways to sell your home using tech. Communication tools like WhatsApp can also help you stay in touch with agents and buyers. VR and video tours help give a buyer a better sense of the house you are trying to sell.

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