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3 Skills To Teach Your Kid’s At Home

by Author: Jade Lloyd

When it comes to teaching your kids how to be self-sufficient and learn how to live in a world without you when they leave home, you’re giving them the skills they need to navigate adult life and give them a great start to the rest of their journey in life.

As a parent, you likely carry out a multitude of tasks without even thinking about it, but bringing your kids in on these chores and household duties as much as possible can set them up for life and ensure they can live when alone or even support their own family when the time comes. Plus, it can also lighten your load.

Finding the right chores for your child and knowing when to teach them different things is something you, as a parent, can decide upon based on their age, maturity level and physical capabilities.

But what do they need to know?


Of course, children need to be able to know how to do chores, but do they know why? It is easy to tell your child to pick up their dirty washing and put it in the basket, but do they understand why it’s so important? It can be a straightforward aspect to overlook, but knowing the importance of chores can help you instil in them this habit so they clean up after themselves naturally and without much struggle from a young age. Cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, picking up items and putting them away, and so on can all be designated as you deem them appropriate and will set them up well later in life.


Cooking is one of those skills that everyone needs to have, regardless of who they are. We all need to eat, so teaching your kids skills in the kitchen, from shopping for the right ingredients to cleaning up afterwards, can give them a great start in life. Not only will you ensure they can feed themselves, but you can help support their education by letting them loose in the kitchen to develop their skills in reading, writing, problem-solving and even chemistry to a degree. From assisting them to whip up a healthy salad to trying your hand at a tres leches cake, beef wellington or a lovely roast dinner, working with them in the kitchen or watching them flourish as their confidence grows can be an excellent way to help your child become more prepared for adult life.


Your child needs to know how to keep themselves clean and what will happen if they neglect to have regular washes, baths, showers, brush their teeth or wash their clothes. As a parent, you’ll likely be on top of their bathing schedules for many years, but teaching them the importance of good hygiene and how to achieve it will give them the right skills to maintain this themselves when they live independently of you. Tackling body odour, good dental hygiene, skincare tips and more can help your child practise good hygiene habits from a very young age.

As a parent, there are many things you can teach your child as they grow up. The above skills can help them develop into healthy, responsible children who can transition from living in the family home to going out into the world more quickly, as they will have some basic skills to get them going.

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