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A Look At Leo’s Room! Tips For Designing A Child’s Bedroom That Grows With Them

by Author: Jade Lloyd

How do you create a truly timeless kids’ room?

Children’s bedrooms can be the most enjoyable rooms to decorate and design, but it can also be an overwhelming task. Keep longevity of style and function in mind. A child’s bedroom is primarily for sleeping but also needs to suit many other purposes: a study, a playroom, and a place to store all their toys, books, clothes, and other belongings.

They like superheroes they don’t, they like blue they don’t, they like peas, they HATE peas.

Children change their personal tastes from minute to minute! And, that’s okay – it’s all part of the fun of growing up. However, when it comes to decorating their rooms as kids grow, how do you pick a scheme that’s flexible to their changing interests?

Use these tips to design a bedroom that will grow with your child and still let them express who they are.

Why not start with a minimalistic, neutral nursery like Norah’s grey toned room and develop style as your child grows? My children may be different ages and genders, but we picked accessories and furniture with a monochrome element that is transferable between the rooms. Think smart and adapt what you already have!

Choose multifunctional, space saving furniture that will last the test of time.

When sourcing furniture, pick pieces that will work for this age phase, their next phase and anything that might come after. If you have room, rather than buying a child-sized pieces, choose one that their clothes will grow into. We have a couple of different Ikea storage solutions. Our last home was short on space, so we needed to consider ways to add a bit of square footage. A lofted bed, or a bunk bed, is a great way to do this.

Sure, a race car bed looks great this year but soon the novelty wears off and you will want a comfortable, well-made bed.

Plan ahead and invest in one that can convert into to two single beds if you are planning siblings or sleepovers! We originally purchased a metal framed cabin bed that was cheap, great idea but it creaks like anything. With Leo’s growing number of figurines, on our next purchase I would select one of the contemporary children’s bunk beds from Room to Grow as they have a huge array of colours, finishes and clever storage (so your kids will have no excuse to not clean up after themselves). The Flair – Dylan Bunk Bed features a built in wardrobe, shelving behind the wardrobe and a handy shelf for the top bunk!

Pick neutrals rather than themes.

Take time when choosing your child’s bedroom colour. Avoid traditional baby palettes or character themes as Peppa Pig may be beloved now but, in a month, it will be all about Hot Wheels or Thor. It’s tempting to think a kid’s room has to look babyish. Leo is seven, but we created a bedroom he will love spending time in – now and as he gets older. His room is predominantly Magnolia, a blank canvas, to keep the space light because whilst it is large the widows are small. It provides a calm and clean atmosphere, which is great for a child to rest, play and eventually study in. Then add to it layers of playful details to introduce colour and character. For example, the window seat is light blue like Leo wanted but that’s only a small area as it is a cold tone. We advise you pick paint colours that are versatile and inviting, classic finishes for your furniture, and floor coverings that are universal.

Accessorize instead of redecorating.

Add personality with accessories that instantly lend interest to any bedroom design. Items like rugs, throw pillows and picture frames can be swapped out on a semi-regular basis, easily replaced and updated. Choose textiles and accessories in colours and patterns that reflect your child’s personality and preferences. Geometric accents like stripes and chevrons are great for adding visual interest to a child’s bedroom. Leo has a selection of monochrome rugs to add style and warmth to the room. Primary coloured features work well. There is also a blue rug, scatter cushions and piece of furniture in the room. You will see that we have picked colours that reappears elsewhere in the room to create design and flow. Monochrome is also a house favourite.

If you find that your child’s aesthetic sensibility clashes with your own, compromise, then consider hanging up their art, a gallery wall, in their space.

Don’t get too get obsessed with creating the ideal Pinterest room, many of us lack the resources and funds to create those picture-perfect rooms! Remember this is a child’s room, it is their own and is going to get messy at times!



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