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Balancing Style With Practicality As A Mum On The Go

by Author: Jade Lloyd

hen you are a busy mum, it can feel like an impossible task to look good and keep up with all the demands of your children. It is therefore important that you are able to adjust your wardrobe and appearance at the drop of a hat. You might have a busy day lined up that will see you doing all sorts of activities. Here are some of the best ways you can rebalance your life so you can juggle your personal style with the demands of practicality.

Get a Beauty Regime Down

Half the battle can often be your natural appearance. If you can take good care of your skin, you can often look more put together and awake just by following a few simple steps. Two of the most important things are sleeping enough and drinking plenty of water. They might seem like easy targets but you would be surprised at how difficult it can be to meet them.

If you like wearing makeup, you should put together a quick routine you can slap on in a rush. Some tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, and a swipe of lipstick might be all you need to look a little more put together in just a few minutes.

Become an Online Shopping Boss

Your current lifestyle might not allow you to spend hours at a time trawling various shops in real life. There are so many online shops now that you will be able to find everything you need no matter what. You can do your shopping late at night when you have a spare moment so everything can be delivered at a time convenient to you.

You might also be able to get your hands on certain items from shops you currently could not take your children into. For example, you might have your eye on one of the latest Saint Laurent bags to hit the market. If you can’t trust your children to behave in an upmarket shop like Saint Laurent, head to SSENSE to buy all your favourite designer goods conveniently.

Balance “Mum” Clothes with More Glamourous Pieces

It is far too easy to fill your wardrobe with comfy clothes you can wear to chase your children around. However, as soon as you have any sort of event to attend, you might find that you legitimately have nothing to wear.

If you love fashion, you should not give it up just because you don’t wear your favourite pieces as much. There are many practical pieces from high-end brands which will stand up even against the perils and mess of motherhood. With a few nice things hidden away for important occasions, you will be able to craft the perfect wardrobe for yourself no matter what you do.

Fashion fanatics don’t have to abandon their ways simply because they now have children. Your tastes and style may change, but there are many ways you can learn to balance both parts of your life. Assess your current situation and come up with some practical changes you can make now.

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