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Review Of The EKO X-Cube Recycling Bin

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Welcome to EKO, sensible eco living.

EKO re-imagines your home with environmentally friendly products designed to be intelligent with smart technology and décor enhancing aesthetics.  Founded in 1997, EKO has a vision to continuously innovate and redefine homeware EKO products that are easy to use and engineered to last.

For home makers seeking to transform their environment into a stylish and eco-efficient world, EKO sells a range of high-quality, crafted bins and affordable accessories including bin liners, odour filters etc. The comprehensive and extensive bin range follows trends in convenience and design offering premium recycling, sensor, open and pedal options. There are loads of stylish options available depending on your needs.

EKO has grown thanks to market leading innovation. EKO Home UK launched in 2019 and designs in-house, manufacturing in their own factory which meets the requirements of contemporary design, where quality, service and affordable price: everything that EKO stands for. The brand is now available in John Lewis, Wayfair, Dunelm, Amazon, Ebay and more.

EKO compassionately offer a Key Worker special offer scheme where they receive a special discount code for 20% off site wide and also a £5 – £10 voucher to pass on to a friend or family member. TPJ readers can also use LINER15 to enjoy 15% off all purchases.

Create your EKO home with the X-Cube Recycling Bin .

The large capacity 20+20L Recycling X Cube bin from EKO is available to buy HERE in 4 on-trend colours to complement your kitchen style. It is perfect for larger families like ours who want a tidy, hygienic, hands free stylish solution to recycling. The copper bin offers the perfect modern look that is both sleek and practical. The bin lid opens fully when placed against the wall, the integrated side handles helps with easy moving. Retailing for £169.99 you likely expect premium features and the bin is not short of them.

#Focus on capacity.

This 40L capacity bin has two easily removable, colour coded inner buckets to make bag changes and cleaning easy. Both sections of the bin are a great size and you are not constantly emptying it. The separate parts are not too heavy to lift out of the casing. Each bucket has a bag holder function allowing bags to be kept secure and the bin rim to be kept looking neat and tidy with no messy overhang. You can buy bags from EKO* or use everyday supermarket ones for easy shopping. The internal recycler means less clutter in the kitchen.

Dimensions wise the bin measures H65 x W43 x D33cm, so it is quite large, but a freestanding bin allows you to maximise your storage. We have been using one bucket side for everyday rubbish and one for food waste instead of recycling.

* Recommended use of EKO bin liners SIZE F1.

#Anti-Bacterial Protection.

For added family protection – to keep germs at bay, a special antibacterial Nano-silver coating has been applied to the bin. When it needs a clean all you need to use is a soft damp cloth to clean the bin and the inner buckets. Add a splash of gentle Method cleaner. There is also a silicone seal to trap odours inside and a built-in deodoriser compartment to help to keep your bin smelling fresh. It also keeps flies out. You can buy charcoal filters. I snuck in a homemade lavender bag.

#No Touch.

An easy use bin the no touch design offers a hygienic solution for when your hands are full or messy, especially in times where we are more germ aware. It has a wide, strong pedal and plastic base that is kind to floors. The lid opens quickly, quietly and has a slow close which means no trapped little fingers. The wide opening meant fewer spills and splashes on the lid. The movable frame lifts up to keep lid open to make bag changing easy and less messy. A pedal bin is the perfect choice for parents whilst sensor bins helpful for the elderly or those with disabilities.

So, what did we think of the EKO X-Cube Recycling Bin ?

Buying a new bin for the kitchen can be expensive and this is a premium bin but remember apart from the kettle the bin is the most used item in the kitchen. Your bin’s also going to be in view, so looks are important. The EKO bin has a fingerprint free finish and I loved the attractive copper colour and the clean lines of the lid – no plastic bags and hinges on show here. The 10-year guarantee offers extra reassurance. Time will tell if it is susceptible to rusting or dents with life in a family household.

We all have a part to play when it comes to recycling, so make life easier for yourself with the right receptacle for the job. One of the most stylish on the market and a great all-rounder the EKO X-Cube ticks so many boxes, the only change I would consider is separate lids for the two compartments.

Take a look what the brand has to offer now!




#AD We were kindly gifted the EKO X-Cube Recycling Bin for the review.

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