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Implay Soft Play Children’s Activity Range Rover 4×4 Toy #Review

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Play is the foundation of childhood. Unstructured, free play being the best type for young children. It is the cornerstone of early learning and vital for social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. My best memories are of fights with sticks, climbing trees, tea parties with dolls, my brother’s action man and our rather unwilling Golden Retriever.

Introducing Implay. The architects of play.

With over 25 Years’ experience in manufacturing, Implay are committed to helping children keep active by producing a wide, colourful and fun range of foam based toys. A leader in the provision of safety padding and soft play products for schools, play groups, nurseries and soft play centers their creations are high quality, family friendly and perfect for encouraging children to use their imagination, encouraging physical and spatial development and promoting discovery through play.

Implay play Range Rover

Who is ready for a drive?

Implay’s new design to their cars collection is an iconic pick up 4×4. My son immediately sat in it and spend 45 minutes making ‘vroom’ sounds and shouting ‘I am Grandad’. Visually I cannot fault its appearance, printed with non-toxic ink my son loves the vibrant green and real attention to detail has been paid to the design (check out little mans personalised number plate!)

Practically, the car is easy to wipe clean with warm water and mild washing up liquid. Size wise it is a large toy but not overly bulky, or one which takes up too much storage space in your child’s room. It is hard wearing as has been ‘driven’ off-road in the garden. The foam through all of this, retains its shape. For safety, the 4×4 is made from durable flame retardant PVC and high grade CFC-free flame retardant foam. Additionally, it is not heavy so my son could easily push it off himself if whilst rolling around on the floor which is a concern of mine, more so if he was toddler age. I would be mindful not to leave very young children unattended playing as, let’s face it, smalls like to throw themselves off things and whilst the corners of the car are not sharp, surrounding objects may be.

Implay Jeep Implay car

There is such a wide range of scope for creative play and the 4×4 encourages lots of climbing, balancing, lifting and more! Your child will have hours of fun on their own or with friends.

How many games can you play?

The standard age range is from 24 months to 11 years. But yes, at 30 I sat on it drinking a cup of tea and watching Netflix. I think this would be a perfect gift to buy for any child.

Your child loves playing with you. But sometimes, might prefer to play by themselves and won’t need so much hands-on play and direction. They might just want you to provide ideas and starting points.

Some of the activities we have played so far have been roleplaying; adventuring cross-country through the jungle or farm. It has been a giant garage and hill for hot wheels. An obstacle to see how many times it can be jumped over, used as a table to play cards, instead of ladder to climb to a cabin bed. Improving motor skills, strength, coordination and much more. My son especially enjoys pointing to and naming the vehicle parts. Increasing his vocabulary and describing learning contexts such as on off, roads being bumpy or smooth, and explaining how vehicles go fast and slow. Estate model cars are also available!

child at play with cars


This 4×4 is obviously going to be a family favourite. What are your children’s favourite toys or is there one that they particularly reallllly want?


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