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18 Easy Steps To More Environmentally Friendly Family Living (Besides Recycling) #Productguide

by Author: Jade Lloyd

(AD) We have been kindly gifted the products, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Do you want to make steps towards more environmentally friendly living?

Why is it that people tend to shirk when faced with environmentally friendly living? They don’t know where to start or think it will be a big effort. Being environmentally-conscious something that only ‘vegans and hippies’ obsess about and not something that impacts their lives. Foresee going green as being difficult, expensive and daunting. We all live on earth and have a responsibility to our children.

Not only will you help contribute to a sustainable environment, by taking steps towards environmentally friendly living can benefit you financially.

Ways to make your life greener.

Make this the year of positive changes. Many people want to live more sustainably but they don’t know where to begin. Focus on smaller alterations you can make easily in your day-to-day actions. In your home. With your family. I recycle. Buy clothes second-hand, walk everywhere but I could be better. Act better, make better choices. When you have only slept 3 hours a night convenience is an easy option.

Check out our tips on how to run an eco-friendly household.

Here are some small, easy, greener choices we can ALL make in our homes. Choose three that you’re not already doing and make them a habit this year.

#Open blinds to let in natural light.

#Cut down on plastic bottles. I don’t buy bottled water, but I do get through 10 shampoo bottles per year!

Grab and lather up your locks with a Shine Bar.

Now I have very long, very thick hair so avoided trying shampoo in bar form until now. Jonathan Harries, a hairdresser and owner of the Shine salon in Brighton, developed the Shine Bar. The design means no wasted product, no bulky plastic bottles and no mess, while the handy reusable storage tin makes it perfect for travel or to take to the gym. Selling for £9.50 you do get professional results and it creates a frothy lather. Formulated using naturally derived ingredients and not tested on animals, the bar also lasts up to four times longer than a standard bottle of liquid shampoo. Gentle enough for children to use the fresh, citrus scent gives the same results as bottled shampoo.

environmentally friendly living shine shampoo bar in a silver box surrownded by oranges

#Follow energy saving tips and install a smart meter.

#Reduce your food waste and compost.


#Eat less meat.

Cutting back on your consumption of meat can make a huge difference to the environment. Less livestock means more land. How about doing meat free Monday?

#Reduce water waste.

You can live an eco-friendlier lifestyle by using less water. Take a shorter shower in the morning or install a low-flow showerhead. Fix dripping taps.

#Don’t forget your Friday night tipple.

When we think sustainable living, food and it’s packaging automatically springs immediately to mind. We are also a nation of drinkers. Even as parents that don’t want to face the next-day-headache, my partner and I have a cupboard filled with half-drunk liquor. Somewhere in my late twenties I developed a love for gin. Call it a rite of passage. Over the border in Cornwall, Tinkture creative makers of Cornish rose gin are striving to clean up alcohol. Ethically, simply and beautifully packaged the vegan drink is bottled in apothecary style containers, with a reuse and refill range. We fell in love with the patriotic taste of organically farmed English roses. Highly drinkable there is no hint of sickly nan perfume, just a delicate hint of florals with citrus notes. Everything from brewing to packing is done considerately.

P.s I am also a little in love with the companies Instagram.

#Buy used rather than new.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world due to excessive water and chemical usage, poor working conditions and harmful emissions. More low-quality garments are being made, worn, then thrown away, which is having devastating consequences on the environment.

We use eBay rather than buying from store. But if you are going to purchase new clothing, shop smart and buy organic.

Feel the softness of Tilly & Jasper organic clothing.

Perfect for babies and young children’s delicate skin Tilly and Jasper’s clothing collections are made from quality organic cotton, bamboo and other sustainable materials. This makes them an excellent choice for the environment, and of course comfort. Our delicately embroidered deep blue Spring Bloom dress is made from lightly woven, super-soft Fairtrade cotton. It is also practical with a buttoned back and machine washable. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable so no harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes are used so is less likely to trigger allergies. The dress allowed Norah to move freely with no rubbing. At £35 it washes with no running or fading, the sizing’s are generous, and she looked gorgeous. It is a dress to last.

environmentally friendly living little blue girls dress with embroidered flowers

#Unsubscribe or cancel all junk mail and go paperless with billing.

#Repurpose glass jars as leftover containers and bulk storage, especially in the kitchen. Ditch disposable dishes and utensils.

Instead of everyday products made from petrol powered plastics, go green.

For kids we are loving the Bamboo Hungry Dino Kids Set from Prezzybox, produced to be ethically sustainable. Like any other ceramic or plastic dinner set they are fully microwave and dishwasher safe but unlike them the set is fully biodegradable. Lightweight, fun, robust, they don’t stain and tick every box for hungry children.

environmentally friendly living close up of dinosaur plate

Zuperzozial is a durable eco-friendly tableware collection made from bamboo-fibres and corn starch, harvested in a controlled way – meeting all EU food regulations. The range is also biodegradable and takes between 12-24 months to break down depending on the size of the product. No packaging is used to ‘sell’ the product in-store and item labels are made of recycled paper. We fell in love with the pastel colour and use them at every mealtime. Perfect at home or travelling they are lightweight and perfectly sized for the picnic basket.

environmentally friendly living pastel bamboo cups

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and is harvested after 3-5 years – the rapid growth of the plant also has minimal impact on the environment. 

#Purchase or make natural cleaning products.

#Take the leap and buy eco-friendly period products.

You can choose a menstrual cup and/or leak-proof period underwear from Modibodi.

Prevent thousands of panty liners, pads and tampons ending up in landfill. Why is it that we as women are so put off trying something ‘new’, delaying trying out alternative period products? I have had two children; I wouldn’t call myself squeamish. Designed with multiple absorbency levels to cater for different flows, I was worried the pants would be bulky, but the absorbent panel is only 3mm thick. Modibodi offers a range of styles and colours, with beautiful designs that come in standard British sizes (8-26). And no, you don’t feel like you have got wet pants on. The fabric is comfortable and doesn’t leave underwear lines. Makes no sound. Like underwear you need one pair a day (and one pair a night if you want to sleep in them too). Sizing’s are bang on and they worked well for me, no leaks!

environmentally friendly living blue lace modibodi pants

#Set the thermostat 1-2 degrees lower. Turning heating down by 1 will save you £85 a year.

#Meal plan.

When you go grocery shopping take a canvas bag and pick loose products rather than plastic wrapped.

#Pick more planet friendly beauty products.

Try the award-winning family company Balmonds.

Did you know if you’ve used an exfoliator, that the microbeads within wreak havoc on marine life? Many popular brands are not environmentally friendly made.

Popular product Skin Salvation is made from 100% natural ingredients including beeswax and organic oils, which is eczema friendly and perfect for dry, or sensitive skin. Labelled the best body cream 2017 in Green parent magazine Skin Salvation is pure, gentle and fragranced. A little goes a long way, it feels thick but not oily. Boxes are very thorough listing ingredients and directions for use. Perfect for tattoo aftercare, nappy rash and chapped heels it’s a saviour product. For 20% off your first order use the code SKIN2O. They have a daily gentle moisturiser with Shea butter, bath and body oil perfect after a shower to stop skin drying out and gorgeous facial oil.

environmentally friendly living green bottled facecare products

#Check your steps! Walk rather than jumping in the car when popping into town.

#Buy better, more sustainably produced everyday products.

The House of Marley is a luxury lifestyle range, created by Bob Marley’s children, specialising in state-of-the-art headphones and speakers.

Do you like me, go through a lot of headphones a year and never thought to look for cleaner manufacturing companies within the consumer electronics market? Ignorance is not bliss in this case. All superior quality House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials, including FSC certified woods, bamboo, consciously harvested cork, non-toxic silicone and Marley’s own signature blend of REWIND™ up-cycled fabrics made from organic cotton, reclaimed hemp and recycled plastic bottles. In addition, through the Project Marley initiative, over 168,000 trees have been planted to date across the globe.

environmentally friendly living house of marley silver headphones on a bookshelf of brown books

I love that the packaging is 100% recyclable, wires are even tied with card twine and instructions on recycled paper!

House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones.

Apart from the obviously stylish design the ear cushions are soft, sound precise and clear, they offer 12-hour wireless playtime perfect for travelling! Features include on-ear cup controls and microphone to adjust your music and take calls at convenience. My son has nabbed these as there are no annoying wires to worry about with your children.

#Consider ditching the wrapping paper and save on the gift bags. Use newspaper or reusable

#Ditch the wet wipes. Cotton buds are awful. Not just what they are made of but the size.

Get clean with Cheeky Wipes.

Wet wipes are a huge environmental problem. Most contain plastic fibres that are not biodegradable. Now I am lazy, I admit. Like many busy parents the ease of grabbing a pack of Pampers is tempting. FACT baby wipes contain preservatives and fragrances that should not come into contact with human skin, particularly that of infants. So, we are trying to make a change with the help of Cheeky Wipes. Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces Kit is an efficient and well thought out product. The clever system includes microfibre, cotton or bamboo wipes, container, essential oil blend, fresh and mucky wipes bags. Literally everything you need. Perfect for mealtimes I tend to just put 10 in the box a day. They also sell gorgeously soft reusable make up remover pads, perfect for using with coconut oil, breast pads and a whole host of useful items.

environmentally friendly living baby playing with cheeky wipes

You don’t have to turn your life upside down to make a difference in the world.

Do you use any of these products or have any suggestions of your own?

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