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Tips To Transform Your Room With Soft Furnishings. Mix & Max Cushions Like A Pro! #Savings

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Does your room need updating but you don’t know where to start?


Interior styling relies on cushions, throws and those little fluffy extras that are the home life comparison to red lipstick on a night out, they can transform a bland room in a few easy steps.

If you fancy a room change, altering and updating your soft furnishings gives you the satisfaction of re-decorating without the hassle and expense. And who needs hassle. Use magazines for inspiration. Bring personality to your living space, try out a new idea or pull a scheme together with carefully selected colours or prints!

Choosing the correct additions for your space is part trial and error. Part witchcraft and part art.

You can pick tone on tone, matching furnishings with the sofa, the bed and walls, choose cushions of the same colour or select different-coloured combinations. Its a colourful world of possibilities!

Can you mix and match cushions like a pro?

Check out the tricks we have picked up for the perfect arrangement.

Stuck with a magnolia room?

Pair strong prints and colours with neutral walls to inject some depth into a room.

The more neutral the walls the bolder you can be.

Consider your colour palette!

Use a colour already in the room and choose complimentary cushion covers. Take some time over your decision because these colours will inform your cushion selection and will ultimately be the glue that pulls your room colours together.

Don’t be afraid to combine multiple textures.

From faux fur, to wool knit, to silk get inventive! Combining heavy textures with lighter ones will keep your home looking cosy yet modern. Remember it’s about comfort and practicality. On a whim I bought satin pillows for the sofa and my son said they felt cold and refused to sit against them!

It’s not just about looks, it’s about fillings.

Your cushions may look pretty but they are as hard as cement. From goose feathers to synthetic padding, consider the purpose of the cushion and the budget you have. Remember natural fillings are more usually expensive.

Monochrome colours and prints creates an extra element of dramatic visual interest!

Why don’t you try and combine sizes?

Square and rectangles create a visually interesting, yet stylish feel. I am not a fan of a circular cushion as I still like an element of similarity and keeping things chic and simple.

Be careful on how diverse your prints are.

Block colours teamed with a couple of horizontal lines and geometric prints works wonders for contrast. Eight cushions, all with different prints and colours may play with your eyes a bit much and give you a migraine!

Dress an armchair with a throw that compliments your sofa and scatter cushions, my current favourite colour combination is grey and mustard.

Keep some consistency.

Have at least two cushions in a combination that are the same, it helps tie in the design.
Personally I would not want to remove cushions from a sofa in order to sit so don’t add too many. If there is no seat left, then you may have gone a cushion too far. Less is more!

Think symmetry.

Even numbers work well in formal arrangements and look more organised. You could place larger cushions by the arms of sofas, then smaller choices on the inner (work from the outside). On the other hand odd numbers, groups of 3 or 5 cushions can view as more relaxed.

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Don’t be afraid to throw them about a bit, things don’t have to be ‘perfect!’


Dunelm’s collection of greys and yellows.

Children can terrorize your home, your living room becomes a dumping ground for ‘stuff’, the sofa a climbing frame and your cushions tired under the continual wear and tear. Don’t have the time to repaint or recarpet? Then pick some new furnishings and refresh your room!

Grab a bargain!

Use our tips above to create the perfect room and save money by shopping for new furnishings with voucher codes and whilst shops have sales to find your perfect cushion collection!


Are you a fan of soft furnishings? What are your favourite colour combinations and what do you think makes a room?

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