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Keep Your Family Organised With The Help Of A Block Pegboard @RedCandy #Colourfulkitchens

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Do you often misplace important letters, forget about appointments or simply get fed up with an ever-expanding pile of paperwork cluttering up your home?


Previously ours lived in the kitchen junk drawer. Let’s be honest we all have one! Hidden within is a crumpled forest of school letters, coupons, membership cards, etc. Also, about a thousand dead batteries. Basically, all the easily forgotten items that keep my family functioning.

I decided it was time to get in order with a stylish memo and keepsakes board. A creative display would offer an easy way to stay organised where you can quickly put up essential letters, recipes, invitations, to-do lists and favourite photos!


Do you notice a noticeboard?

Perfect for organising a busy family schedule there are so many types to choose from! Do you go for classic cork, fabric, wire or wooden, pin peg, or clip?

Our kitchen is the heart of our home, and we don’t have a separate office, so I wanted a large board that was practical but also stylish that tied in with the style of the room.

Something that we could use but would also be a feature to compliment the Grey colour palette of the room. Fabric was not the best choice where pans will bubble moisture into the air and likely become mouldy. Pins can go through cork and damage the wall and metal was a no-no as the board needed to be lightweight as our Victorian house walls are made of ash, hopes and dreams.


An online shop of inspiration.

We discovered Red Candy a few years ago and fell in love with their quirky gifts and modern, funky homeware, with colourful ranges that transform interiors from bland and beige to bold and beautiful!

The eye-catching designed Block PegBoard is a unique and stylish design that organises stationary and all other manner of bits and pieces with the use of colourful headed pegs. It adds a decorative touch to our kitchen and is one of the most useful things we have in our home. Think wall art, but with your receipts attached to it. I bought mine as a thirtieth birthday to myself, at £65 the large 81.3cm x 61cm option was the perfect buy (if you are a fan of discounts why not sign up to Red Candy and get 5% off your first purchase).


Don’t get bored of your board.

The Block board can be hung landscape and portrait so choose whichever fits your space best. It is available in a choice of colours, sizes and twelve large and six small natural wood pegs that each have a coloured head which creates a beautiful contrast of vivid colour with the tonal grey board.

Red Candy peg board

These pegs simply plug into the board and allow you to hang and mount items of your choosing for display. It is made of thin wood and is held up by four screws (that come with wall plugs) which sit invisible behind plastic covers. I found it best to gently turn in the pegs in the first time rather than forcibly push so you do not damage the board.


Block Peg Accessories

You can make holes in paperwork, but I found the best way to display things is to use two large pegs as shelves and bull clips fit perfectly on the smaller pegs to hang menus, tickets etc. Also, hang keys or scissors from them! Get your Blue Peter on and find your own creative ways – I used a stretched hairband to tuck photos behind!

Red Candy Grey Peg board

Add extra functionality with some of the fantastic Block beg additions such as this handy attachable chalkboard. Perfect for scribbling down reminders about baby feeds or grocery lists! The oak picture shelf is ideal for holding anything from pens to phones! Add just one, or a few for a fun and unique statement – including a funky pen pot and letter holder. All attach simply, and conveniently onto the board.


Have you joined the memo board trend? Try our a Pegboard, perfect for the kitchen, or office, why not get a small one to use as a jewellery holder in the bedroom?



Note: We were kindly gifted the accessories but brought the board ourselves simply because we fell in love with it!


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