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6 Tips For Picking The Perfect Lighting For Your Home With @fcl_lighting

by Author: Jade Lloyd

The humble lightbulb.

Have you just purchased a property or perhaps planning a simple makeover or renovation to your current house? Do not undervalue how key light is as an aesthetic design feature in addition to being a practical necessity, one that can affect the tasks you perform and your feelings of comfort.  You might not realise you’ve got bad lighting but you’ll recognise the symptoms: headaches and sore eyes. Most of us have to work with fixtures that are already there, but with a little strategic thinking it’s perfectly possible to create a lighting plan that works for you. Changing the lighting can alter the way a room looks, particularly the dimensions, just as much changing the colour of the walls or soft furnishings.

Pick room by room.

Each area of your home has specific general and accent lighting needs. Ask yourself what mood do you want to create for each space and what is the purpose of the room? Here are some ideas to consider when planning your lighting needs for each room in your home.

Entrance hallways offer a first impression which demands balance between decoration and function. Hanging pendants and chandeliers instantly create a soft, welcoming feel and when partnered with decorative mirrors accentuates the space. Do not forget about your stairs as they must have good lighting for safety. To prevent accidents stairwells should be lit both at the top and at the bottom with ideally, switches in both places.

In living rooms lighting is used to create ambiance, to bring out the décor and style. It is important to consider what natural light is available and the positioning of the furniture. You also want to avoid creating an uncomfortable glare off the TV screen. Exposed bulbs and cage detailing are all the rage in contemporary homes. The simplicity of industrial inspired lighting makes a real statement. A dimmer switch is, of course, a must have. The design and style from this high quality First Choice Lighting pendent is finished in antique brass and comes with a retro bulb, ceiling fitting and lengthy flex.

Kitchens are often the busiest areas of the home, and are all about function. This room needs more complex lighting because there is not often a single focal point in this room. Overhead lights such as recessed ceiling spotlights are perfect for basic tasks. Higher watt bulbs offer bright, clean light. Where many similar lights are retailing at hundreds of pounds this is for sale at the amazing price of £29.99!

First lighting brass caged lampshade against a grey wall. First lighting wire flex and retro bulb

And upstairs?

In the case of the bedroom and relaxation areas, mood lighting comes more into play and one should be looking for light options such as floor-standing uplighters and bedside lamps which will instantly create a feel of relaxation and a calm atmosphere. For children’s rooms night lights and fun feature lights are perfect picks. For teens think statement pieces and fun, like these sneaker neon signs.

Although you’re treating each room as an individual space, you should also take the overall feel of your home into account.

Use light to link rooms together.

But which shade and style?

Picking the perfect light is like picking the perfect jewellery accessory for your interior. You want to make a choice that coordinates and compliments the room design but also think long term. In three weeks’ time are you going to get fed up or want to redecorate?

Tricks of the lighting.

Get creative. To make a ceiling appear higher use a low hanging pendent, for warmth avoid a ceiling light and to create the illusion of space add lights the corners of the room.

It doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

The available choice of modern lighting fixtures is as limitless. All of my interiors shopping is done online where I can find the best deals. Light fittings, pendants and shades are surprisingly costly purchases but you can get high quality options but still stick to a budget. First choice lighting offers an expansive choice of contemporary and traditional styles of indoors and out. Easy to navigate the catalogue offers 2 year warranty, price promise, free secure packaging and amazing value for money.

Make sure to size the decorative feature to the space.

You may have fallen in love with a cascading bulb pendant, but it is half the size of the room. It will be too bright, people will bang their head on it and it is just overpowers everything. Work with what you have. With neutral background walls and an unobtrusive mocha colour this large FCL shade works really well. The decorative inner detailing makes a visual statement from different angles as you walk up the stairs. Unlike many large shades it is very reasonably priced.

Large lampshade lighting shade beige

Find a balance between functionality and personality.

 Remember that more complex, decorative lighting may need an electrician to correctly hang the light. Think about the weight and pull on the ceiling. Are replacement bulbs easily available?

Lamps as accessories

Lamps are one of the most enjoyable lighting products to shop for. They come in a wide spectrum of different shapes and sizes. Arc floor lamps are one of the quickest ways to add poise and distinction to a room and touch lamps are perfect for in the bedroom. Why not go metallic which adds instant luxury and a warm shade like copper or gold will give off a welcoming glow.

fcl lighting

Have you got a favourite lighting feature in your home? Do you prefer LED or halogen lightbulbs?  Are you stuck for ideas trying to redesign a room? 


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