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4 Fast Fixes For Kid Related Spills, Stains & Scribble. Cleaning Up After Children #Homehacks

by Author: Jade Lloyd

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Children are a joy. Filthy, dirty, sticky joy. As a mummy to a five year old boy my house is not always perfectly clean, or organised, or lemon scented. That said I feel like am ALWAYS cleaning.

Little people make big messes!

From little accidents, to snot, to spillages someone or something will need cleaning. At least five times a day. Since becoming a mother I have learnt that baby wipes have 100 different uses. Also, as parents we live dangerously when buying anything white, beige or expensive. Save time and your sanity with our fast fixes to some of the most common kid related tips that we shared with More Th>n.

Spillages and accidents

If coffee, tea or juice is spilt on your carpet, take a deep breath; reject that immediate thought of putting your child for sale on the internet. Treat the stain quickly. Blot up the liquid with kitchen roll. However much you want to panic scrub or press down, DON’T, or you risk making the mark larger and rubbing the stain deeper into the pile.

An advocate of ‘housewife remedies’ I would suggest you try either a tablespoon of washing up liquid, or three tablespoons of white vinegar added to a cup of lukewarm water. Using a damp cloth or sponge apply this mixture a little at a time, then blot frequently with a dry cloth until the stain disappears. Let the pile air dry and then hoover the carpet. I hear white wine also helps with stain removal. Open a chilled bottle, pour into a glass, and drink said glass of wine. Repeat. For dried on stains, try the above but leave the mixture to soak into the stain for 5 minutes.

Your little one eat a half a tub of peanut butter and was sick on your best rug? Sprinkle on some baking soda first to soak it up, then hoover. Then call grandma.

If like us, potty training goes awry and you get a puddle on the mattress add baking soda to lukewarm water, hydrogen peroxide and washing up liquid. Dab on the stain, do not soak the mattress! Use the mixture immediately and don’t store. To deodorise, vacuum the mattress, sprinkle with baking soda and scrub in, then vacuum again. I also like to then put a few drops of lavender oil on. Smells like sleep and calm. Even if your child does and is neither.


Mummy’s makeup

My five year old son has always had a thing for red lipstick. When he was little I came upstairs after two minutes of silence (always bad) to find him covered in ‘rouge sunset’, as was the mirror. I used a microfiber cloth and equal parts vinegar and water poured into a spray bottle. Wax on, wax off!

Body glitter spread across everything? Grab a clothes roller and roll it up, better yet get your kid to do it. Where it is safe to do so get your children helping with cleaning! Giving out chores helps them become more independent AND builds their confidence.

Artistic misadventures

So your little precious is learning how to write their letters? Owww. NOT.

Pens. They are all stored safety in a desk, in a drawer your child cannot reach. Still, you leave the room for two minutes and return to your toddler having drawn on the walls, floor and every available flat surface. Instead of being impressed by the multi-coloured masterpiece you are horrified and have to dragon breathe through your nose. If it’s on fabric, use hand sanitiser. On the floor? Try some toothpaste. The walls, get out the hairspray or invest in a magic sponge. Just don’t rub too hard or you will remove paint as well! If its crayon on walls use a hairdryer to soften, it helps remove it easier!

Dinnertime disasters

Even now, years past the weaning stage after dinner there is always food on the floor and smeared over the clothing of my little boy. Spaghetti sauce is the bane of my life, the tomatoes and oil on school shirts makes my eye twitch. Dab with a sponge, add lemon juice, flush with water and then soak then wash with a stain remover. Encourage children to tuck a napkin, under their chins and for babies have plastic tablecloths under highchairs.

Do you also notice how Sippy cups and drinks bottles get disgusting and smelly? Wash them out with vinegar to get rid of doors. Rinse with hot water to kill germs. If your littles have gnawed the draws and lids to bits, buy new ones.

cleaning spills

Now relax, have a cup of tea! Then clean it up after your little one kicks it over when pretending to be a dinosaur. Do you have any tips, tricks or hacks?

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