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Find A Handyman For Your New Home Repairs #Bidvine #Firsttimehomebuyer

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Do you need a Handyman?

Finding a trusted builder can be like hunting for Lego Spiderman’s head in a toy box. Mighty tricky. You usually go on word on mouth. If you’re neighbour had some work done, or if one of the dads on the school run has a second cousin with a hammer. Electrician, plumber, decorator. It Is guaranteed you will need one, or all of them at some point.

As a first time home buyer that is buying a property from the 1800’s we have quite a few odd jobs that need doing. A wall needs rendering, slipped roof tiles need replacing, jobs that I can’t do with a screwdriver and sandpaper. Not surprisingly, I don’t have extensive DIY skills. Putting up shelves is the extent of my talents. Remedial work is necessary, has safety and legal aspects, it is time-consuming and costly if amateurs (like me) make mistakes.

So, it is important to find an experienced professional, who offers competitive rates. It’s difficult to know if you are paying more than you should and I would also beware of too low a quote.

But where do you start?

Find a reputable Handyman.

Googling a dozen local companies, looking for the best deals, searching the internet for hours. Who has time for that? Bidvine is a local services company who connect customers with the right professional providers in the UK. Best of all you can do all of this in your pyjamas!

Ask. Check. Hire. Simple.

screen shot showing the boxes where you enter the service you want and the post code area of where you want itFor example I searched, fireplace and chimney repair. You are then prompted to answer a few service-specific questions that match what you need and help give a more accurate bid estimate. For example.

What type of fireplace do you have? How many chimneys and/or fireplaces need work? What fuel source powers your fireplace or stove? What is your fireplace made from? The format is simple and easy to follow.

The job request is sent to trusted local professionals straight away and the first bids can be received in hours. Professionals have up to 4 days to contact you with a bid. Because the professional providers are charged a small fee Bidvine asks you to respond to everyone and respect their hard work and time.

So whatever service you need, why not head on over and see if you can find it at Bidvine, whether it be a photographer, tutor, cleaner. Dripping tap driving you crazy? Find help fast.

Tips for hiring a tradesperson.

• Obtain a minimum of three fixed quotes and make sure that quotes are based on the same specification.
• Check if your builder is VAT registered and if the quote includes VAT.
• Check the builder’s feedback and references, that they have a trade association membership and public liability insurance.
• Agree start and completion dates, phases of work and stage-payments. Insist on a revised quote for any additional work.
• Get a contract for if payment is asked for up front. Request signed receipts and if you are paying via cash ask for a written invoice.
• Make sure, if it is relevant to the work being undertaken, to get an insurance backed guarantee.

Have you used Bidvine before? Are there things that you check before hiring a tradesperson?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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