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Parenting Blogging Linkies 2020 #Whoisstillrunning?

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Coming back after a blogging break.

I stopped joining in with Linkies. After Norah’s birth and an almighty battle with PND I stepped back from the bloggersphere. I felt both relieved and bereft. There are huge benefits for your mental health (and keyboard fingers) in taking a social media break. But that said, taking over a year off is a whole different kettle of metaphorical fish. Maintaining a website and managing social media channels may sound straightforward but those of us in the business know it takes a heck of a lot of time and work. Thats why I wrote ‘7 ways to fall back in love with blogging.’

WordPress got all millennial and Gutenberg’ed up.

Taking your finger off that electric pulse means followers, algorithms, DA (curse you) etc all just tank. What even is my Twitter password?! You get blog guilt, lose your writing flow, your contacts, everything changes within a click of a mouse. It is not just about the work I need to put in (whilst juggling a toddler that bites). I feel lost, unconfident, unsociable and unsure in my voice. Wondering if it’s time to delete for good.

Why did you start to begin with?

How do you get back upon the blogging horse? Go back to basics and find some of the joy and creative excitement that drew you into the online world. Create a content and posting plan and return to reading. Most of my time as a newbie blogger was spent reading and sharing. I miss it. There are some hilarious sleep deprived geniuses out there. So as part of my back to basics task is finding what Linkies…or is it Linky’s…are still active. Because they take so much work to run and bloggers come and go its hard to keep track. I did a post last year and already half are defunct. Though if you are new to blogging take a peek HERE as it explains what a Linky is. They also love to showcase the best blog content over on the Tots100 website through regular Linky posts, to find new readers and find great new blogs to enjoy!

What Linkies are on, on what day?


  • The Ordinary Moments (What The Redhead Said).
  • KCACOLS (A Moment With Franca).


  • Monday Morning Blog Club (Sticky Mud And Belly Laughs).
  • Living Arrows (What The Redhead Said).
  • Dream Team Linky (3 Little Buttons).



  • Blogger club UK (Cuddle Fairy, Mudpie Fridays, Random Musings).



  • Post Comment Love (Life At 139A).


  • Our Mini Linky Party (Our Mini Family).
  • Competitins Linky (U, Me And The Kids).
  • Country Kids (Little Hearts, Big Love).
  • Tried & Tested (Family Fever and We’re Going On An Adventure.)

If you want to add to the list, please comment and let me know the current parenting Linkies running in 2020!

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