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5 Hape Toys Parents Should Be Buying Each Year Until Their Child Is 5!

by Author: Jade Lloyd
  1. (AD) We have been kindly gifted the products, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Choosing the right toys for your children at every age.

Since Norah was born, as a family we have tried to be more conscious about what toys we buy for the children. We are trying to stick with brands with a commitment to sustainability, purchase wooden products where we can and when toys are plastic buy second hand or choose ones that we can pass onto friends to avoid the ‘one use’ wonders. I am also trying to remember: Quality over quantity! That said, we also promote toys that are not shop bought and encourage sensory experiences such as tin foil space blankets, cardboard tubes, wooden spoons and pine cones! So how do you choose the right toys for children?

A firm favourite in our household Hape Toys are one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. They are both creatively designed and eco-friendly whilst still being compliant with international safety and quality standards.

Check out our favourite five toys from Hape’s toybox!

Early brain development is a very critical part in life. Choosing age appropriate, educational, development and learning toys for children is very important. It can also be a bit of a minefield as there are so many toys on sale. Toys that are too easy will bore your baby. Those that are too advanced will frustrate them. But pick one that’s just right for their skill level, and you’ll be giving them hours of education, exploration, and enjoyment.

For your baby’s FIRST birthday choose The Hape Farm Animal Baby Book.

Why Buy?

Sometimes simple ideas are the best. Ideal for boys or girls, the Hape Farm Animal Baby Book (from 10m +) is the perfect alternative to easily ripped paper children’s books. A lovely first picture book, your little one will be fascinated by the bright colours and friendly illustrations of cute farm animals including chickens, ducks, a rabbit, sheep, cow, horse, cat and a mouse. This gift will help your baby learn the names of the animals whilst stimulating and developing your baby’s visual perception.

Comprising of double-sided contrasting shaped pages, this versatile book is made from eco-friendly wood, finished in non-toxic paint, so is safe to chew!

It is sturdy enough to survive getting thrown about and stand on a shelf for your baby to gaze at whilst, being lightweight enough to pop into a change bag for entertainment. I think that’s what they call a perfect all-rounder. At £6.99 from Amazon you cant go wrong.

Baby girl in blue tights on the sofa reading wooden Hape book with farm animals on

For your toddlers SECOND birthday choose The Hape Multi Spout Sprayer.

Why Buy?

All children love a splash in the tub. The perfect gift for bath time the Multi Spout Sprayer (24m+) is ideal for developing dexterity with its twisting action. This fun plastic pump has four built-in nozzles that spurt out water in a range of amazing shapes and patterns. The rattle at the bottom provides a little sound effect to add to the fun. This may not be a wooden toy, but it is built to last, and grows with your children, my eight-year-old loves it. When your children are grown it makes for a pretty decent watering tool for your plants! For £11.50 from Amazon this is a toy made to last, and we can’t wait for summer to play with it in the garden! If you are buying plastic toys, remember to choose ones that are labelled BPA free.

Picture of a baby in a bath with a blue and yellow Hape water squirter

For your toddlers THIRD birthday choose The Hape Flower Power Guitar.

Why Buy?

Adult or child who wouldn’t love this 1960’s-themed guitar? A cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele the Hape Flower Power Guitar (3y+) encourages children to create sounds by themselves. There are so many benefits to a rhythmic and musical instrument. You baby will improve social and emotional skills through expression, fine tune gross motor skills and explore their creativity. It is the perfect size for younger children wanting to learn an instrument and try out the sounds made by strumming each of the guitar’s six strings. Retailing at £36.20 from Amazon it includes instructions to learn the basics, so get ready for some rock and roll.

Close up of a small blue Hape wooden guitar with a babies hand on the strings

For your child’s FOURTH birthday choose The Hape Mighty Hammer Domino.

Why Buy?

Now this is an impressive interactive toy! My son grabbed Hape’s Mighty Hammer Domino (4Y+)
immediately. There are 59 pieces in the pack so this fun, robot-themed domino set offers hours of entertainment, encouraging dexterity, patience, whether you child wants to play alone, with friends or parents. Improve problem solving skills by correctly setting the dominoes in motion and watch as they release a ball and unleash the robot hammer. If you are home schooling then why not use the MHD to explore the concepts of momentum, gravity and perfect for developing logical thinking. No need for batteries with this top seller at £31.20 from Yes Bebe.

Little boy ona tiled floor smiling and laying with red and blue dominos

For your child’s FIFTH birthday choose The Hape 2 IN 1 World Tour Puzzle.

Why Buy?

Be smart, play and learn with the cleverly designed 2 in 1 World Tour Puzzle and Game by Hape (5Y+), selling for £21.50 from Wicked Uncle. Grab this colourful 100-piece puzzle game and help your children discover and talk about the world they live in. Complete at 87 x 58cm with large individual pieces your child will not fumble or easily loose vital parts. I love the friendly animation to make the map more identifiable for children. A double-sided poster helps your little one learns to follow pictorial instructions for game play. My son loves puzzles but often we complete them and are at a bit of a loss what to do next. Now you can race friends around the continents of the world once the puzzle is built using wooden characters. Perfect for a rainy Sunday.

Eight year old blonde boy sitting crosslegged with Hape puzzle on his lap

By buying smarter and creating a demand for safer, eco-friendly products and toys, more companies will hopefully follow suit so parents would have the comfort in knowing ALL toys are safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. If you are looking for more ideas check out of gift guide for other fantastic Hape baby toys. hape

Do you have types of toys you prefer to buy for your children, or go to brands that never let you down?

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