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The Working Parents Guide To Raising Happy & Confident Children #Bookreview

by Author: Jade Lloyd

The working parents guide, to raising happy and confident children.

When my son was seven months old I returned to work and he attended nursery full time. As a single parent it was a necessity and apart from a break where I did my Masters work has been very much a part of my parenting life. I am now part time, flexible working, so get the best of both worlds. Or, on gloomy days, feel like I am getting a meagre grey sliver of both. Never fully in one world and striving for balance.

After the school drop off it’s straight to work and after work it’s straight to school with a quick breath in the middle.

I fight to overcome the guilt that all parents face but none deserve.

In earnest, I will readily admit, this is the first parenting book I have ever read. It is a surprise my son has
survived this long!

Initially I did feel apprehensive with the concept of linking parenting to a business model, paralleled with leadership. I was fearful of seeing cooperate language applied to children and imagined Alan Sugar telling me, in his stern tenor, that I was fired.

Happily my concerns were unfounded, reading through the chapters I saw the familiar commentary on routines, consequences, boundaries etc. The narrative is engaging, open and smattered with the authors own experiences as a working father-of-three.

But is it useful?

Yes. For a busy parent a positive of this book is that it easy to digest, given the short chapters and useful space for notes and comments. Of course my son took this to mean space where he could draw superheroes. It is comprehensive and well structured. You can dip in and out of the chapters and it covers a wide range of ages and scenarios.

Make positive changes

The transformative, easy to apply parenting tools offer confidence and I found the examples meant I better understand my actions and reactions to my sons behaviour. Having a very opinionated 5 year old (aren’t they all) and being tired after a long day I often fall into the power struggle trap. There were many I found relatable, such as why mornings take so long. Eight am arrives and I will have said hurry up and least 5 times already!

The author also gently reminds us to make time count. Consider how present we are. How often to I check work emails unconsciously whist playing hot wheels? It encouraged me to consider my expectations and to make simple, achievable changes like saying yes instead of no.

I say no a lot!

Since reading the book I have been rephrasing the way I say things, give limited choices more frequently, and throw the bribes out the window. The suggestions are realistic and make me think’ ‘I can do that’.

Alongside this, there is bonus material such as a 5-week programme to becoming a Leader parent and at the end a useful trouble-shooting to common parenting challenges.

The Working Parents’ Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children is priced at RRP £11.99 and is available to buy from Amazon and all other good book retailers.

You can also download the authors prior book ‘Raising Confident Kids’ for FREE here.


Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review.

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