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Stuck Choosing Presents For A Child? Wicked Uncle Have You Covered #Presentsforkids @Wickeduncle

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Insert the song…I know what boys like, I know what guys want…FOR A PRESENT.

Photo of a little boy with a bow and arrow looking like he is shooting it at the camera. Test underneath says challenge accepted. Welcome to Wicked Uncle, the most wicked (as in 90’s slang rather than green musical) E toyshop about. Wicked Uncle helps people become A* present buyers.

I love the premise of this company. They acknowledge that children can seem a complete mystery.

‘What they eat is hard enough to work out, let alone what interesting toys they might want for their birthday. And it is not always easy to remember birthdays.’

Offering FUN, cool and out of the ordinary toys many of them are tested extensively in WU’s own homes by their junior Toy Testers. They can gift-wrap your presents, post them direct with a handwritten birthday card and send birthday reminders every year.

Before I had kids I would buy cute little BEIGE clothes, presents that were bound to make a mess…or ones with bits that would get lot within two minutes. Sorry…

We took up the AWESOME Wicked Uncle Challenge.

Wicked Uncle have been working with bloggers to challenge ‘giftflunking’ relatives to pick suitable presents for their little ones. (If they do fail, Wicked Uncle offer credit or exchange for returned items).

The criteria…that I own a child that loves presents.

Woman and child laughing standing on the back of a man lying on the floor.

This is us. Standing on Uncle Jake!

Check, a five year old with strong whinging capabilities.

I also have a family member who struggles in purchasing ‘age ppropriate’ presents.

Check. Introducing my 23 year old brother who adores his only nephew but has no kids of his own (probably best as he could not keep a plastic houseplant alive).

Historical present choices include a cat onesie that he brought 3 years ago that is still too large and this year, twenty minutes allowance for my son to watch him play Xbox. I got a box of Tampons. To be fair my mother is the queen of odd presents. Last year she brought my brother a toilet seat.

Wicked Uncle kindly gave him a £40 voucher, which my brother could use to choose little lion a gift. In reality he got 3 gifts all delivered in an enormously exciting box! The postage was really quick…I was totally excited. Like a kid on Christmas.

And terrified.

He said the site was really simple to use, sorted into ‘kid relevant’ categories like ‘adventurer toys, outdoors toys, books’ etc and are gender specific…though I think there are a lot of the ‘girls’ toys that my little boy would have happily received. Also what is really useful to slightly fearful present purchasers is the age guide and popular products section if you are feeling a little lost! He said it would perhaps be useful to have a price category i.e. under £10.

twopictures, the left a little boy next to a big cardboard box, the second him looking very happy wit two toys in each hand.

Uncle Jake enjoyed the random jokes scattered throughout the site…then attempted to impart them to his nephew.
Leo got a fun Hand Bow, he loved this…of course…it can be used in or outdoors and comes complete with three lightweight plastic darts with sucker tips. We enjoyed going to shoot the rosebushes, then tried to get uncle Jacob.

Photo of a child sitting in a cardboard box with his nanny next to him also in a cardboard box.

Nanny and Leo enjoy the packaging!

Boy sitting in a box with a handbow looking like he is trying to shoot someone.

RUN AND HIDE!!! Bow £15.50

He also got a Racing Maze which I found really good for encouraging his concentration and as unfortunately he spent 2 days in hospital this entertained him for hours whilst on bedrest. This is a maze designed to challenge and test speed, nerves and skill all housed in a racing drivers steering wheel.

Mummy had a go to and got cross that her 5 year old had better coordination!

Two pictures, the left playing on a handheld game, the second is a close up of the game which is a maze.

Uncle Jacob also got a box of popping candy chocolate frogs which we all ate, whilst making Harry Potter references…
After a few hours of playing uncle Jake had t got for a nap…he deserved it!
Disclaimer: We were very lucky to be given a £40 voucher for the purposes of this review, but all opinions and words are our own.


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