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Proving Why Pictures Are Better Than Wallpaper When Decorating Your Home With @Posterlounge #Interiors

by Author: Jade Lloyd

How to make your best looking home.

Now I will admit it, I am not (yet) an interior decoration pro. My partner and I bought our first home almost two years ago. It’s a Victorian end of terrace with a mind of its own and lovely floorboards. Everything creaks. We have been trying to redecorate (with two kids) to balance giving it a modern feel whilst keeping some of the period features. It also must be a practical home, and nothing can be beige because of the baby. Alongside your furniture your walls are the most impactful, and biggest canvas you have. They lay a foundation for everything else in the room and quietly make the biggest impression. What you want is decor for your room that is 1) simple 2) inexpensive and 3) creates a WOW in your space.

Retail studies show that a tastefully decorated home can attain a 10 to 15 percent increase in property value.

Don’t care for empty walls?

Practise painting.

Obviously, the go-to wall covering of choice. I have learnt the hard way the mistake of buying cheap, patchy brands and picking colours that make a room look smaller. Like many we have jumped on the popular, yet stylish slate grey feature wall bandwagon. I also have a mustard wall and the rest of the house, aside from my daughter’s Valspar coated nursery is an easy magnolia. I think if given the choice I would have selected white, but the house was already painted. Base colours such a these are good with children as you can easily touch up patches made by sticky hands or crayons.

Go wild with wallpaper.

Decorating is a chance to transform your inner space into a reflection of you. Although not as versatile as paint, wallpaper offers the chance to change the visual appearance of your room in many ways. It can brighten a dark room, covers flaws in the wall surface that paint can’t, frames the room’s best features and reveals your personality more than any other wall treatment. Wallpaper is always IN. In our hallway we have a gorgeous and quirky pattern from the John Lewis range with orange badgers and musical instruments. I love it but the downside? There are scuffs from the kids and getting someone in to put it up was pricey.

Add artwork.

Now this encompasses a LOT of things. When I was a child it was framed photos and landscapes. Paintings. Now its anything from the traditional prints, posters, wall stickers, embroidery hoops, wall hangings to vintage letters which are always a great find. There are so many ways to display artwork and what I love about it is that things can easily be rearranged when you get bored or need a colour change. Got kids? Frame your littles doodles and you can challenge Picasso any day!

What is the best way to display art in your home?

I love collages of small pieces grouped together or one large item in a focal point like over the fireplace or sofa. Oversized pieces of art create an instant impact. Do you have a collection of framed art or photos that you’ve been wanting to display in your living room? Create a gallery wall. There are loads of templates for hanging collage walls on Pinterest (if like me you have no special awareness). For a more modern and simpler feel, use an even number of pieces in the same size and colour frame. Don’t be afraid to choose a wide mix of styles to achieve a fun, eclectic display. While symmetry may be the obvious choice when hanging, asymmetry can prove equally interesting. Additionally, why not create a DIY art ledge so it draws the eye across the room?

As a general rule, art should be at eye level from where it will be viewed.

Posterlounge, the place where pictures are made.   

Some people have the patience to slowly gather pieces they like from shops, galleries, markets etc. As a busy parent I don’t have much time to browse so buy from a place where there is a vast selection in design and style. Posterlounge produces beautiful posters and art prints; kids’ rooms, offices, lounges, bedrooms and kitchens! With a great love of detail, they breathe new life into classical artworks by Klimt or Van Gogh, and provide a platform for contemporary artists and photographers to sell their art. There are also advertising images, pop culture choices, maps, photographs and colouring posters for kids.

Choose art you love.

With a huge portfolio of motifs for you to choose from, there’s something for everyone, covering every category imaginable. With that much possibility you may wonder how to choose the right pieces. Don’t feel like you have to make you home look like anyone else’s. Pick lyrics, art that you love, images that make you smile. Colours should complement those in the room or be linked in some way. Search by shade, by room for inspiration, by interior style like Scandi or Nautical. Boasting high quality, the great variety of sizes and materials allows for you to decorate your walls with maximum flexibility. Choose from foam board, canvas, framed, standard poster or more.

A snapshot of our home décor. 

Minimalism at the movies.

A big no-no for me is a small piece of art on a large blank wall. So instead go for a big one, (and Posterlounge can accommodate BIG). This individual piece can be sized up to 120×170 cm. Backing it on flexible Forex meant this 4mm foam panel is more robust than poster card, its semi matte surface is wipeable, its colours vivid and handily it comes with wall brackets to safety hang the lightweight wall art. I originally planned for it live on the blank area on my stairs, to be joined in time with a colourful plethora of other movie posters. Then I reconsidered after watching my seven-year-old hurtle down the stairs manhandling the wall. My lounge was my next choice. Undecided I stood the picture alongside the retro armchair and accidently fell in love with it propped against the wall. Get creative with pieces. Insert a wicker basket with a Yucca inside instead of the toybox and hey presto I have a talking point.

Art should be related to wall size and furniture size, so as to neither dominate or look insignificant.

Memories made.

You commonly see pictures of recognisable cities in pictures around people’s homes, places they have been and holidays they have had. Fond memories. I like the premise but am not really a cityscapes fan. So instead, to remind my partner of his travels down under I found this fantastic colour block map of Melbourne. The black and white versions were visually striking, but I had a place planned for this piece and wanted it to lighten up a dark collection of prints. Unlike the other pieces I chose this was framed, again to tie in with the items it was going to sit beside. Whilst still being lightweight the white wooden frame made the piece look much more substantial, whilst still being extremely reasonably priced. My favourite buy instead of hanging it balances against the wall sitting happily on the fireplace.

For the kids.

Perhaps its from teen years and the memory of peeling of paint and faded rectangular patches on walls, that I am not a fan of posters. That said my son loves them and I was happily surprised by the premium quality and slightly glossy finished look of Posterlounge’s selection. Unlike cheaper options it hung straight with no curling on the wall. The popular DragonBallZ character is represented in brilliant colour and as a bonus has a high UV resistance so you don’t have to worry about it fading in sunlight. It’s a super(hero) choice for any boy’s bedroom.


Good lighting makes better art.

Remember, lighting is key when displaying your artwork at home.  I find ‘daylight’ 6500k LED gives a neutral colour that will enhance, not distort your artwork.

What ways do you display photos, posters and artwork around the home? Or are you a fan of bare walls. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Note: We were kindly gifted the Melbourne, Wonderful Life and DragonBallZ artworks for the purpose of the review #AD. All opinions are our own. The other pictures included in the feature are purchased elsewhere.

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Sheila Reeves (CakeReev) 10th January 2019 - 12:39 pm

We have a bit of a mish mash of different sized frames, think we need a rethink of what we have on the walls as not really “seeing” them anymore


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