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5 Top Tips For Designing A Boys Bedroom #Smallspace #Budget @RedCandy

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Need boys’ bedroom ideas?

When it comes to decorating ideas there is not much difference in terms of girls or boys. Getting as much storage and play space as possible are essentials to both. When planning think long term. Paw patrol may be in this week but next month it will be something different. A room needs to be child focused but with opportunity to grow, to survive into the teen years. Download Pinterest and create a board with all your ideas, have a nose at mine here.

Shape a space with paint.

Rather than picking a theme i.e. nautical, sports etc styling with primary colour offers an enduring, simple design concept. When choosing a colour scheme I favour high contrast. Orange, grey, blue and white, greens, pinks…Boy wonders have a rainbow of choices to pick from. Monochromatic spaces are a current design favourite, black and white being easy to coordinate with bedding and accessories. Brickwork wallpaper is also a top feature wall idea, well suited to boy’s rooms. We went for an impactful DIY geometric wall design that can be created with paint and tape. No need for pesky wallpaper paste or a nervous breakdown when your kids start to peel off the wallpaper. Decorating win.

Superhero bedroom pictures Red bedroom wall

To introduce colour we used my son’s favourite shade, red, which I matched in tone with the grey from his blind. Continuity and colour repetition really bring a room design together. Using frog tape, you simply create your desired pattern. Larger triangles and shapes were used to avoid making the small room feel smaller than a shoe cupboard. Invest in a wipe clean, one coat paint and roller away. BEFORE the coat is dry carefully peel away the tape and voila. You can add as many tones and shades as you wish. Looking back I could have got away with a brighter red and then left some triangles white to lighten the space but I was worried about the room seeming too angry. Or having to use sunglasses to look at it.

Organising made easy.

It is all well and good going minimal, granted it’s easier to keep tidy but let’s be realistic. This is a room for children. A play space. My son has a whole team of superheroes and 1000 Lego men that are often sprawled over the floor. You may be to striving for that ‘interior design’ feel but you also have to accept the need to create a fun bedroom that suits your little ones personality. Some of the Homestyle magazines have rooms akin to art galleries or a Habitat showroom. With this design I have tried to create a stylish space that is achievable on a small budget, that is maintainable and most importantly, liveable.

Be clever and get creative with storage solutions. Simply flip a bookshelf and fill it with colourful toy boxes under the bed. Little hands can then easily reach this area and you are not using up valuable free space. Think magnets on walls for cars, hanging baskets for soft toys, cubes and shelves. Stick with ‘the rule of three’ and make sure nothing is at head-banging level. We used Ikea’s Trofast system to create unique storage that doubles up as the perfect staircase. Label boxes to encourage your children to be independent, clearly defined places will also make tidy up time so much simpler!

Practical but playful inspiration.

To keep a sense of fun check out these animal coat hooks from our favourite homeware accessory shop @RedCandy. A Jorine Oosterhoff creation statement pieces are perfect for children’s rooms. Not simply decorative they are sturdy and multipurpose. The hooks are easy to install with a simple screw and plug design and are available in various colours and animals. My son’s favourite is the gloss black giraffe that he has named Gerald. Other little touches like a dream catcher and wall mounted pull switch night light bring cool and character.

Giraffe coat hanger Boys bedroom animal coat hangers

Colour match décor.

If you don’t fancy colour ‘pick and mix’ ensure the bulk of the furniture choices are the same colour(s). The base of the room is black, white and grey and so excluding a bright blue colour cube to bring some ‘pop’ the shelves, wardrobe and bookcase mirror this. Don’t forget practical things such as ensuring furniture is bolted to walls and edges covered for younger children. For practicality purchase a high quality black out blind or curtain. We selected both as blinds are practical and best for light control, whilst curtains add softness and a greater design element. Are your carpets tired and worn? Covered in Playdough and crayon. Invest in a high pile, large rug to offer warmth, sound insulation and costs £15 where a new carpet will cost £100.

Don’t forget the light!

A small room can be made to feel much bigger with simple tips and tricks. Light being one of them. The best choice for bedrooms are total room ambient lighting. Pick a pendant shade which fits the design style. I love this quirky, metal top hat style one from Wayfair. It dims the bulb and reduces glare which I wanted to create a relaxed feel. There is also a large table lamp on the bookcase for winter months when there is less natural light to play in the daytime

So there we have it, one fun and playful children’s bedroom on a budget.

Boys bedroom design ideas, small space, interior decoration, monocrome, DIY, budget.

Are you thinking about decorating your kid’s rooms? Do you have any good storage hacks, are you letting them chose colours? We would love to hear your ideas!

Note: We were given the @RedCandy coat hooks in return for an honest review.

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Emma Me and B Make Tea 12th June 2017 - 12:38 pm

loving the colour scheme Jade 🙂

Jade 12th June 2017 - 4:41 pm

Thank you lovely! It is all still in my hair! x


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