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Sweet Treats. Introducing Dr Oetker’s Pud In A Mug. The Busy Mum’s #Dessert #Review @DrOetkerBakes

by Author: Jade Lloyd

What’s for pudding?

As a child I had one  option. Fruit and custard. The smell of it now makes me nauseous. I can forgive my mother’s lack of pudding enthusiasm. As parents we are tired out and don’t have the time in the day to spent three hours whipping up a handmade crumble which our children will likely reject in 2.4 seconds.

Introducing Dr Oetker.

A delicious idea, Dr Oetker’s convenient ready mix ‘Pud in a Mug’ sachets are a busy mums perfect desert pick. The first thing I liked was the simplicity; add milk, then stir and pop the mug mixture into the microwave. No need for a whisk or weighing scales. My six year old enjoyed that he could do this himself.

Dr Oetker sticky toffe mix dr oetker mug cake

The cake range includes Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Sticky Toffee. The sponge rose well, came out springy in texture and steaming so make sure an adult handles it until cool.

All the ‘yum’ in under two minutes.

Convenient and flavoursome the toffee and chocolate options are self-saucing. Dive in straight away with a spoon or plate up and add a scoop of ice cream or custard for extra indulgence. The chocolate sponge goes great with some freshly chopped strawberries. The new sticky toffee choice, better than what I can bake by far.

dr oetket chocolate chip cake

These instant puddings are perfect for after dinner, or as snacks. They are not just for children and can be thrown into a handbag and quickly whipped up at the office for those with a sweet tooth!

Think chocolate.

The collection also includes a warm milk chocolate desert which is like a mouse/hot chocolate hybrid. The family favourite it is thick, smooth and rich.

Dr Oetker pud in a mug chocolate packet

I would encourage you stir it in intervals whilst cooking. We munched these after a BBQ but they would also be an ideal tummy warmer for the cold winter months. I like that you just need one ingredient so they are ideal for when the cupboard is feeling a bit bare. Which is always in our house. With minimal washing up (win) sachets can be picked up in all major supermarkets and are priced really reasonably. For creative ideas on your #PudInAMug, take a look at their Instagram. Cream and sprinkles are a popular addition!

little boy with chocolatey face

Obviously I am lucky my son isn’t allergic to anything except listening and putting away his superheroes. Suitable for vegetarians  allergens are also clearly labelled on the packet.

Treat yourself!

Are you a pudding family, do you eat them daily? What are your family favourites?


 Note: We were kindly gifted these Dr Oetker sachets for our honest review. 

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Tracey 18th July 2017 - 9:20 pm

My daughter went through a stage where she constantly made cakes in a mug, I didn’t know you could buy them in a sachet!


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