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5 Reasons Why Being A Superhero Is Good For Your 5 Year Old

by Author: Jade Lloyd

My son the Superhero. 

Who, even as an adult doesn’t get a giggle from wearing a cape? A spark of excitement, fun and a whisper of childhood. Summers of scratched knees and almost being able to fly.  Superhero’s and fairy tales.

Ironman, Green Arrow, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, Thor (aesthetically Mummy’s favourite). These are very popular names in my household at the moment. They are the theme of the majority of our conversations, toy purchases and whose colourful faces are plastered on my son’s walls and socks.

Learning through imaginary and dramatic play has long been recognised as an important component of child development. It is also important to be responsive to children’s emerging interests. I have become an expert in Hot wheels, hero’s and Ben Ten. 

Five reasons why Superhero play is good for children. 

1.Either dressed up in outfits, or with action figures grasped in his hands my son acts out different roles. He copies a program he has seen from memory or comes up with his own little narrative. Socially it enables him to express emotions, be interactive and cooperative. Also, if there is a child in a hulk top at the park my shy son will talk to them about it…

2.Role play develops verbal and non-verbal communication, it involves a lot of talking, ‘save me mummy the Joker has stolen my cake and is holding it for ransomed.’ Children apply language, learn new vocabulary and participate in discussions. Being a hero offers a perfect opportunity to talk about right and wrong with your children. They do good things, be kind to others. They have awesome hair.

3.Superhero’s are fast and strong; being little is tough! You have to learn lots of new things and overcome obstacles…learning to read, climbing stairs, tying shoelaces…children can feel well, really little. They get worried tummy aches. Superhero’s can help children feel brave, build their self-esteem and empathy in understanding how other people think.

4.Finally, my son once he dons a cape is all about the chasing, capturing, jumping, rolling…Being spiderman in the garden lends to a child’s physical development, improving their fine motor skills and all this physical activity can help to release tensions increase wellbeing.

Superhero’s are not gender specific and I encourage my son takes interest in other things as little ones tend to become a bit obsessive.

We do not watch any film above a U however much he pleads.

Superhero worries. 

I think superhero’s can get slack for the fact that they can become synonymous with rough and tumble, karate chops and accidently pulling off one of teddy’s ears. When you are five it’s all about actions and being loud; 12 boys in one class all ‘Batmaning’ it up means bumps will happen and at the age when boys have a first injection of testosterone things can get a bit destructive. Talk with children about stuntmen, about how in reality people can’t fly etc. Superhero’s like anyone else need boundaries. Fantasy, pretend play and wanting super powers are an important part of childhood. Get your cape on. 


Interesting facts learnt from my son are that Superhero baddies MUST:

  • Speak with a growly voice and own a cat.
  • They cannot swim.
  • Most should wear makeup. Their choice of colour is mummy’s deep red No7 lipstick.
  • They are angry because their mummy made them go to bed too early when they were five.
  • Should always loose and then say sorry and give the hero a sorry letter.
  • The best baddie is the Joker but his little figurine needs to be hidden at night. He’s a mischief.

Enjoy flying, super speed, solving riddles and making witty quips all whilst wearing a mask and trying to plan what is for dinner.


Do you have Superhero crazy offspring? Are you Avengers mad, or do you think children should not be encouraged to play with Batman action figures? We would love to hear your opinions!

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