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8 Hot Summer Hair & Make Up Trends & Tips #ExpertsInBeauty

by Author: Jade Lloyd

Summer is no time to sweat lipstick.

Think gingham swathed picnics, beach days, BBQ’s and delight. The new season means new beauty. Trends ebb and flow like the Summer ocean. Each year Summer looks tend to be based on natural colours, wash-and-go hair, and clean skin with a fresh faced glow. The reality? Melting make up and smeared sun cream make it difficult to stay fresh in the warm weather. Summer, like winter, requires its own special beauty tricks. It’s going to be a hot one.

Handle the heat with our easy-to-follow summer beauty tips and sun-hot trends that are sure to make you shine all the way through until Autumn.

Less is more when the temperature is high.

Lights, camera, sparkle.

Use bronzing balls to create a sun kissed complexion. Dust over cheeks and eyes to make teeth appear whiter but avoid putting it on too heavy, ‘the fake baked’ look. Less about contouring more about highlighting. A dash of glitter makes a night time look and can be applied simply with Vaseline.

Summer eye pencil


Choose nude shades for big dewy eyes. If I was to get my make up professionally done, my personal favourites would be the golds, coppers and browns from Ellisons professional make up kits. Peach is flattering on every skin tone. Bold, bright liquid eyeliners wears better than black Kohl which melts into the corners of your eyes in humid conditions.

Luscious locks!

Think festival feel with mini plaits or flower crowns, surf chic with waves from salt spray to enhance natural texture and high pony tails to keep hot hair of faces. Ultraviolet rays, salt, and chlorinated water can leave your mane dry and damaged. Use deep conditioning treatments once a week to retain moisture. For blondes why not use lemon to lighten, or steeped chamomile tea.

Shield your skin.

The must have product for any Summers day is of course good quality UV protection which keeps your face hydrated and protected from the sun in just one step. Your 50-year-old self will thank you a few years down the road.

Face up.

It’s all about the base. Think primer, which does not feel at all like a heavy, additional layer, and it really helps to hold makeup in place. Instead of foundation pick a light powder for a hint of luminescence. That or a SPF tinted moisturiser. A dusting of loose powder on the chest and back. Always carry blotting paper.

Summer make up brushes

Walk don’t run.

No one wants to look like a Panda. Avoid smudges with waterproof mascara or perhaps invest in getting eyelashes tinted.

A kiss of protection.

Pick light, clear glosses but remember lips have very little sun-repelling melanin. Pick a long stay, moisturising lipstick or lighter lip stain that is a vibrant colour paired with minimal make up. Think gothic purple, cherry red and pastels. Match with your skin tone.

Be kind to the canvas.

Why not take a makeup break? Don’t over cleanse and pick a lighter beauty fluid or serum.

Embrace, don’t fight, the elements.

Some trends I will not be adopting are drawing on freckles, grey lipstick, bobs, fake eyebrows and 80s inspiration.

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What are you favourite trends for this Summer? Are there certain beauty brands that you love, or hate? Is Summer a season where you stop caring about beauty?

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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Accidental Hipster Mum 27th June 2017 - 12:31 pm

I always try and wear as little make up as possible on those really hot days. It’s a recipe for spots! If I can, I try and just get away with some waterproof mascara! x


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