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I was a hideously uncoordinated child. Actually, I still am.

It was so bad that they made me juice girl on my Primary school netball team because they felt so bad I could not catch. I sounded akin to an elephant in ballet class. Stomp stomp.

Being born three months early I was lucky to get off with a smidge of dyspraxia. My little boy has either inherited or mirrored my clumsiness so little things like getting dressed can look like a bizarre rave dance routine.

He usually ends up getting frustrated with things like buttons so ‘Mummy’ is screeched across the house.

Like it is my fault for the invention of buttons.

Little lion has also inherited Mummy’s (pre baby) waistline. If you force fed him lard and snickers he would still not put on weight. Hence he is constantly running around pulling up his shorts or showing of his mini builder’s bottom.

We are a graceful family.

Everything has been tried; braces (I thought this would be cool, instead I almost lost an eye when they pinged off) belts (little one gets frustrated and can’t get them off in time when desperate for the toilet) and I have even resorted to sewing in the waists of jeans.

I am not a decent seamstress.

Easybelts offered us the perfect solution. They have been designed to enable children and adults of all ages to independently manage their own belt. From little hands to those with disabilities and poor dexterity, there is a belt for everyone.

Three pictures of a brown belt with purple rockets.

They come in a range of colours and sizes and are adjustable to fit for comfort and growth. The belts are elasticated so don’t cut into little tummies. Leo chose one with a purple space rocket as purple is currently this month’s favourite colour.

Next month it will be brown…or lime green.

They have a velcro strip that simply goes through a D-shaped buckle and folds back on itself, holding the belt securely in place – easy to operate single-handedly. The fabric is stretchy but not too loose and seems to be really hardwearing.

This also makes Easybelts perfect for Potty training and there are also Toddlers belts, School belts, Boys’ belts and Girls’ belts.

Once I had showed little boy how to do it he then had to put the Velcro on and off at least five times to demonstrate he could do it. He was proud that he could do it himself and could line the Velcro up really precisely.

Bless his perfectionist little nature.

I asked him to hop, jump, and commando roll and pretend to be a jelly fish. Little man said it was comfortable and spent the day with it on no complaints. It is the best children’s belt for wearablilty we have found so far. I would be happy for him to wear it to school with the reassurance he can manage getting it undone. They are really reasonably priced and we love companies started by business savvy mumpreneurs!

Little boy wearing brown belt with rockets smiling and playing on a orange bike

Check out the lovely site here and get your own stretchy rocket belt!

So now my tornado child can run around unhindered by his trousers around his ankles.

He will NEVER stop now…


Disclaimer: We were very kindly send the belt for the purpose of this review. The opinions are honest and my own…and the little lion boys.


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  1. Leila Benhamida
    September 14, 2016 / 12:34 am

    Sounds great.

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