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Food, glorious, food…

Whilst my baby is now a ‘big boy’ we still have ‘fun’ with food. Fun is used sarcastically. You can’t hear my tone in black and white font.

Last night my boy and I sat at the table after mummy had made his favourite. Roast dinner. Veggies and Yorkshire puddings. Why is it that when you spend more than 20 minute preparing food your child will refuse to eat it? Little fork in hand I asked him to eat his carrots.

He scowled at them for at least five minutes. Then, ‘there is a fly!’ …so he couldn’t possibly eat until mummy had chased the fly from the room with her shoe.

The smoke alarm went off, shouting ‘Fire, fire, fire!’ In a high pitched voice. The rice pudding was a little on the brown side. My son smiled and started shouting ‘fire, fire, fire!’ happily from his seat. Frantically I fanned the kitchen with a tea towel.

He started to pick the broccoli off his plate. ‘Fire, fire, fire!’ was repeated. We should have gone to McDonalds.

Dinner time with kids. Can anyone get them to eat?

Fussy eaters, they may take an offence to the shape, colour or texture of particular foods. If it is not beige they will turn their nose up at it. Appetites go up and down depending on how much they’re growing and how active littles are.

5 Tips for parents of tricky eater tots.

  • Have realistic expectations. They are not going to love sprouts straight away.
  • Gently ignore them fussing and praise them trying new things. Even if it is one bite.
  • Turn off the TV and try and avoid distractions.
  • Support the need for independence, you are not losing a battle if you have to cut off crusts.
  • Make food attractive and fun!
  • Pancake with grape eyes and orange mouth

    Make food visually edible!

First foods

My little was not a picky baby, he was introduced to a wide range of flavours. Though I do recall how the word weaning struck fear into me as a new mum.

As a general rule you introduce solids at 6 months. Don’t feed them over a beige carpet. Expect food to be on your ceiling. Invest in a good detergent.

Signs baby is ready for food:

  • Sits and holds up own head.
  • They can swallow food, babies not ready push it back out with their tongues.
  • They watch you eating and can take food from your hand and put it to their mouths.

I meandered noncommittally between babyled weaning and using pureed baby food. All babies are DIFFERENT, I found single ingredient foods best for my little by as a new eater. Banana, porridge, sweet potato, avocado.

Close up of a green avacado and a child wearing a bright orange top

This is a funny looking apple mummy…

To begin with, how much your baby takes is less important than getting them used to the idea of eating.

WARNING new foods = disco nappies.

Milk will still be a major part of their diet. Allow your baby to feed themselves, using their fingers, as soon as they show an interest. Don’t be afraid of mess!

Weaning essentials

  • A few colourful plastic baby feeding spoons and bowls
  • Bibs
  • Wipe clean highchair (put a plastic sheet underneath).
  • Small containers
  • Free flow cups
  • Blender if you are going to self-puree!
  • Patience

Weaning faces can be HILARIOUS. Keep your camera on standby.

Healthy food habits- encouraging veg intake during weaning helps to shape your little one’s preferences!

I brought the Anabel Carmel book, blended and made pots full of home cooked food, but I also used packet and premade baby food for ease and convenience.

Close up of a baby eating watermelon

Face first!

My boy loved both.

Check out blogs like Feeding Finn for child friendly recipes. Homemade vs Premade Baby food? Feeding your child shouldn’t be another way in which the world can make you feel guilty.

Pros & Cons of home and readymade.

With homemade you know exactly what you are feeding your child and it can be more economical, baby can eat the same as the family is. But it does take time and storage can be an issue as homemade foods spoil quicker.

Readymade baby foods have the recommended textures based on age or stage of development. They are also convenient if you want to travel. But nutrients may be lost due to preserving and they can be expensive.

Do whatever suits your child and your family. Diversity is good, look how successful skittles are.

Enjoy your baby, enjoy baby food!

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  1. September 23, 2016 / 1:19 pm

    I’ve used a mixture of pre-made and home cooked food. I’d love to only serve the Popple organic, veggie-filled, perfectly-balanced meals, but sometimes you just need to bust out a pouch and not feel guilty about it.
    Squirmy Popple recently posted…How to introduce your cat to your babyMy Profile

    • Jade
      September 28, 2016 / 9:56 am

      My son lived off potatos, banannas and toast for most of his twos!xx

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