Protect your little treasure. A creative way of keeping your children safe.

Protect your little treasure.

Last Wednesday I arrived at school, early as usual, pulled out my phone and sipped from my lukewarm bottle of water. The windows were rolled down as far as they could go.  Outside it was sunny with a timid breeze. Between work and school pick up is my allocated Twitter time, twenty minutes of quiet reading opportunity where I belly laugh to myself, knees resting on the steering wheel..probably looking rather deranged to any passers-by.

At ten to three I slowly wander through the playground, smiling and nodding at other mums and dad’s, waving to little ones toddling past grasping their hands. Outside the classroom I chat with the parents of my son’s schoolfellows, we huddle round the door trading sleep stories and where we have found the cheapest uniform.

Our little ones see us, small eager faces squash up against the window as they mouth inaudible things. Leo is normally delightedly saying, ‘I didn’t do any fighting!’ with a face covered in lunch, mud and occasionally red felt tip pen. I love seeing his delight when he sees me. He comes out, herded by the teacher in a sea of small people, tiny under coats, water bottles and book bags. Occasionally there will be an incomprehensible drawing on crunched up paper that is proudly presented.


A serious thought…

This particular day I was trying to wait to catch a moment with the teacher to ask about reading levels. Surrounded by three foot high chaos, I asked Leo to stay by me, he was playing tag with a friend, they both hid then I saw his friend dash towards the gate, with I thought Leo. They always copy each other. I turned to quickly shout to her mum and set off after them. Nothing on earth is faster than a five year old. At the school gate I stopped her but could not see Leo. People were streaming out, and I got that horrible sick panicked feeling. He knows never to go on the road and always waits for me. His friend shrugged at my questions where he was.

I had that oh god moment that all parents will experience at one point in their life, sheer cold terror.

Three seconds and an eternity later Leo comes running across the playground crying. He had hidden by the wall of the classroom door. I stopped hyperventilating. We told each other off, him for hiding, me for leaving him, then hugged each other very tight.

I worry as a parent, constantly, so with this little saga in mind when I saw PhoneMyMum’s personalised children’s ID bracelet for if your child wonders off and you can be quickly be united, I just thought YES. Perfect. A simple safety product that can offer me some reassurance.

Not that I am letting Leo out of my sight again until he is 31. He loved the bracelet it is bright, fun and it is comfortable on his wrist.



With Amanda’s product you receive a lovely wooden Treasure chest full of cool beads, where little one’s can make their own funky accessories all with their parents phone number on them. I think they are perfect for busy times, soft play, parks, holidays, even going shopping. It also provides a good opportunity to talk to your children, when Leo put his on, after he finished making cookie monster sounds we talked about what he would do if he ever lost mummy. He told me I was silly and would very likely get lost…so he could just go up to an adult nearby and ask them to phone the number on his band.

Made for children age 5-9, it is a fab craft activity, and does not have to just be for dads and aunts and nannies. They can be for school clubs and sports teams. I honestly think this is a fab idea and if you do too then head over to the website and get ordering!



I might get one for my other half for a Saturday night in town…

 Note: We were very generously given the bracelet, which we feel honoured and grateful for. As always our opinions on the product are honest and our own.

Protect your little treasure.


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  1. May 13, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    OMG such a good idea. I couldn’t even imagine how you must of felt for those 3 seconds. More people should know about these bracelets because they are a really good idea

    • May 14, 2016 / 12:44 pm

      I thought it was fab, simple cheap but gives you reassurance. So scarey when they hide..need more eyes!xx

  2. May 14, 2016 / 11:03 am

    Ah I love this. I was lucky enough to win one and my son knows it’s ‘mummy’s telephone number’ if he gets lost…they are fun and he doesn’t mind wearing it. God I hope he doesn’t get lost. But yes these are great x

    • May 14, 2016 / 12:47 pm

      Ah cool! Bless they look so cute with little bracelets on..I mean cool, can’t let Leo hear me say cute….xx

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