Gorgeous Gift Ideas For First Time Parents


First time parents?

When you welcome a new baby into your lives as first-time parents, it can be a very daunting prospect.

There are so many things to consider that parents will often wonder whether they are doing things ‘right’. A great way to help your friends or family with this transition is to give them gifts which will be very much welcomed and help the new parents to take good care of their little bundle of joy.

bundle of baby gifts

The Business Insider website has some excellent gift ideas for parents

Photo Albums

When you give the gift of a photo album, you are giving something which is going to get a lot of use over the years.

There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

A photo album will give parents somewhere that they can store all of the memories of their child, creating a collage of events from their first tooth, to their first step.

You may even want to consider an electronic photo frame which can display hundreds of pictures when you use a large memory stick, scrolling through them at random to change the picture. We gave a miniature electric frame on a  key ring to nanny or Christmas and she LOVED IT.

A Baby Gift Box

Another excellent idea to give new parents are baby hampers, which have a lot of useful stuff which the baby will need. Many companies offer these types of gifts, and they usually have a variety of different hampers which contain lots of different useful things such as:

Just about anything that you can think a baby needs can be included in your hamper and many companies will also allow you to create bespoke hampers which include only the things that you want.

A hamper is a perfect gift for proud new parents, and everything will come in handy when they are looking after their new baby.

Babysitting Services

One of the biggest changes to parent’s lives is the lack of sleep and lack of a social life when they welcome their baby into the world.

As such, a great gift which will be very much appreciated will be the offer of babysitting services, which will allow parents to go out for a few hours. Or stare at a wall. Although this gift is not strictly for the baby, it will be very much appreciated by the exhausted parents.

Whether you are offering your services or that of a professional babysitting service, it will allow the parents to get out of the house for a few hours and relax.

Your Company

One thing that often gets to mothers is the fact that they are at home all day and often do not have any adult company. As much as they love their child, it is still good to be able to sit down and chat with a fellow adult and take 5 minutes for yourself.

You can take around some coffee or tea, and you may as well also bring some cakes of cookies to make a proper  morning of it.


Whatever you decide to get the proud new parents it will be much appreciated, even more so if you stick around to give them a hand!


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