#Lionessmama! Wild & Wonderful Instagram with @Mummyinatutu @ParentingJungle

Welcome to the #Lionessmama community for Instagram!

Parenting, it’s a jungle out there


I am super excited to launch (do I need to break a bottle of champagne on a ship?!) This community inspired by the #Lionessmama’s that keep us sane on *those* days where your cubs have drawn on the walls, bitten the neighbour’s cat…and the LONG sleepless nights.

We may be exhausted but we are proud, fierce and rocking motherhood.

If a #Lionessmama doesn’t have wine and chocolate she may eat you…

We are massive Instagram fans, and whilst we love and want to see rose tinted filters (my winkles appreciate these) and perfectly planned aesthetic setup this # is also for haggard headshots and crying children that are doing your head in. Like when you’re little darlings can’t sleep and you feel like you are losing your shit.

When you are so tired and need the parental pack to remind you that you are NOT alone and about to be eaten by a wilderbeast.

Locked yourself in the toilet to hide from your kids. Were here.

The link will be about support and unity.

It’s also for funny snaps, to remind ourselves that it’s not all sick and screaming. Positive things that pull you through the day! I ripped my knickers on a zip line at the park, shared it on social media and was met with a chuckle. That chuckle kept me going through a day of tantrums.

Proud of your little cubs for climbing a table or actually wearing clothes? Share it! #Lionessmama #Mumpride

Each week, we will pick our four favourite wild and wonderful images from the community and feature it in the #Lionessmama round-up and spread it like the plague all over our Social media accounts.


We invite all of you to join this community, it’s as easy as posting any photos of you and your children to Instagram and tagging them with #Lionessmama!

When we have got into the swing of things we will also be doing guest features of the kick ass #Mumbloggers #Lionessmamas that inspire us, if you want to get involved or put someone forward let us know. It is all about sharing the love and roaring respect.

Yes I have got as many Jungle anecdotes in here as possible.

We look forward to having you,

Love Katie & Jade


Come join us and release your inner #LionessMama … There’s one inside us all!


You can follow Mummy in a Tutu and The Parenting Jungle over on Instagram – we look forward to roaring with you!


P.s Our fellow #Lionessmama’s rule over some amazing Instagram communities #Worldoflittles is the epitome of beautiful photography that makes your heart hurt, #Thismamaloves is for everything, chic stylish and cool like its creator and just for mums, #Puddingposes snaps that encapsulate a perfect childhood moment and #mydarlingmemory are gorgeous memories of families and special times!

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  1. 18th October 2016 / 11:11 am

    This is such a great initiative. Moms need all the support they can have. I’ll have to get on instagram. Too many great things going on over there!

    • Jade
      20th October 2016 / 11:42 am

      Thank you my lovely we just wanted to make something friendly, supportive and fun! Will look forwards to seeing you there xx

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