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 My life was changed by a boy.


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Hello! I am Jade, a (somehow) multi award nominated parent blogger and 29 year old mummy who has successfully kept a child alive solo for almost 6 years.

Naively I believed that having degrees in Education and Social work would mean I would have stable footing as a mother.

I WAS WRONG and instead have flailed through on the qualifications of being a try’er and a cope’er.

I like loose routines, outdoor playing, positive reinforcement, dragon breathing (when you are cross and want to swear) and eating your kids leftovers.



A photography enthusiast, I Picture of a flag with devon written on itlove a camera filter and am rarely seen without my Ray-bans because they cover my eyebags. VERY amateur baker. Tea fiend. Living in the Southwest I put my feet in the sea as often  as possible.

The Jungle cub Leo comes out with phrases like, ‘Omnivore dinosaurs eat both mean and plants,’ at five am. The most feared word in my house is uh-oh, because I know that he broke it and it will be expensive to replace. My partner deals with passenger seat parenting remarkably well, but is consequently balding from the stress of living with us. He is the Jungle Tarzan. If Tarzan retired and became a librarian and stepdad.



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This is a personal blog written and edited by me.  Apologies for any grammatical affronts. Empathetic, realistic and a little bit witty. It is a colourful mishmash of my day-to-day experiences and heartfelt  posts from where I wished I had another mum to hit me with a soggy nappy and say,

‘You can get through this, its OK if you are wearing yesterdays pants’. 

A safe place of  honesty and support for parents-old and new to dispel that lingering grey thought that we are not ‘good enough!’ Promoter of #ParentingTogether kindness & unity between parents.

We are all different. Diversity is good; look how successful skittles are!

We as parents need to stop beating ourselves down…and other parents down. We are all in this for the next 18-25 years.

WE post family friendly recipes; have a Story time vlog, lifestyle posts, offer product reviews, feature child friendly days out in the South West and whatever else tickles my mummy fancy #Sharedparenting #Seperationanxiety Superhero’s and Sarcasm appear regularly.

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Welcome to us…

My parenting journey could be summarised into: I love him. OH WOW HE SMILED, OH WOW HE ROLLED OVER, OH WOW HE SAID MUM, OH YES HE CAN WALK…OH NO HE CAN WALK, OH GOD HE CAN OPEN THE STAIRGATE. OH GOD HE HAS DEVELOPED OPINIONS. OH GOD HE HAS STARTED LISTENING TO POP MUSIC. Although if he plays Justin Bieber in the house I am moving to the shed.

I still love him, but with conditions.

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I hope you enjoy!